I have seen the hoopla of what some folks go though to make their iced coffee. I will hand it to them and give credit where it is due. I’m going to be honest, I really don’t understand all the fuss of making iced coffee the way some folks do. Is there some kind of mysterious scientific process that happens that I am just not aware about? If there is please clue me in on this!

Otherwise my process of making iced coffee is simple. Matter of fact to any coffee aficionados its down right laughable! So are you ready for it? Because here it is….

One cup or drinking glass.

Coffee that has sat in the pot all day that was sadly left behind because TW and I had to go to work.

A couple cubes of ice. [almost looks like iced tea instead]

Lastly (if you want) add creamer, then stir.

[Just so that you know! Nope this post is not sponsored From Coffee Mate or Walmart’s Great Value Brand! Just thought that I would make that statement.]

Laughable right? Maybe! I think of it this way. It saves on food waste and cost. Which the thought of food waste makes me slap my hands on my face just like Macaulay Culkin did in the movie Home Alone! Not to mention coffee isn’t all that cheap any more! So making it stretch a little bit really doesn’t hurt. Even if the method you use is laughable by the aficionados. Oh, TW has an iced coffee version that ups my laughable one. And he says he is not a fancy schmancy type. I’ll post that one later.

Go about Victoriously!


Alex Victoria