Like My New Hat?

And how about them boots?

Yeah, I like ’em too. Even though I am not a hat wear’n kind of gal. And yes, I do wear pants. See they are on the back of that chair with my favorite six shooter. I have to admit that, that Gil Elvgren really knows how to capture my personality and playfulness. Thanks Gil! I really appreciate it!

Gil Elvgren

So on the serious side. Ah I know AV (yep, that’s me, Alex Victoria) has to get all serious on us. I was just introduced to Gil Elvgren through another blogger whom happens to be famously very well known. All the same. I have to say that these pinups although very shockingly scandalous for the 1950’s. They are very well tastefully done for today’s standards. Even TW (my boyfriend) agrees that they are well done. I personally consider Gil Elvgren the Norman Rockwell of pinup illustrations. So when I was considering one for myself to choose as my avatar (I hate my picture taken) I chose a playful brunette who reminds me of me. Plus she is wearing my favorite color. I can not lie…I absolutely love the color red!

As for that famous well known blogger. It’s definitely a nod to them. I am a fan of that blogger. I am very fond of that blogger’s style and taste. But I cannot be that blogger. No one likes a copycat and I have to be me.

I will be very frank about my content and style. Although I maybe similar to that other blogger because I am a country gal. The difference is I have lived out in the country my entire life. I have worked almost my entire adult life in the food service industry. So naturally yes, I am eventually going to write about food and possibly add some recipes along the way. Do I expect to become famous over it? No. Absolutely not! I enjoy writing. I am myself, my own person, with my own imagination. I will be sharing my own stories, my neck of the woods, and my own interest. You my friend are more than welcome to follow along on my grand blogging adventure. Now back to our regular scheduled program of shenanigans and what not.

With love,

Alex Victoria

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