I am TW’s Girlfriend

I am TW’s girlfriend. Oh, hold on a moment I hear that Jessica Andrews song in the back of my mind when I just said that I am TW’s girlfriend. You know the one that goes…

I am Rosemary’s granddaughter
The spitting image of my father
And when the day is done
My momma’s still my biggest fan…”

Oh wait, I am sorry!!!!

You’re singing it now right?!?!?!? You’re welcome.

As I was saying.

I am TW’s girlfriend

TW was my high school sweetheart for a short while. That was until my mother (she is a mama bear too) chased him off with a threat of a crossbow because he was being a very typical hands on teenage boy. I have known him most of my life and can tell a lot of stories about him.

How did I meet him. Well, I have known about TW since I was in elementary school. A lot of the girls had crushes on him or they were friends with him. And they would talk about him regardless of who was around to hear the conversation about him, and I always thought his last name was peculiar. Different. Weird maybe. Exotic even. Nah. It’s just me.

I did not officially met him until my freshman year of high school. His oldest friend CB pointed me out to him in study hall. CB whom TW has known since he was nine years old (they grew up together via being neighbors) is the little brother of my older sister’s then best friend. [I am starting to feel like we are play the six degrees of TW here.] My sister and CW’s sister aren’t friends anymore. In case inquiring minds wanted to know. They grew apart. Life happens right?!?!?

CB knew about me for a long time and he knew that my sister and I were like oil and water. We were and still are complete opposites. My sister back in the day was the blond, tan and super skinny…. the girl we all want to hate. Then there was me. Brunette, a bit on the chunky side and white as Casper the Ghost. Or you can just say I was the chunky version of Snow White!!! Knowing this CB told TW that my sister had a little sister who was in his study hall. A bit curious TW asked CB to point me out. Let’s just say from there he was smitten.

I can not remember all the details of our short lived relationship but I remember the last time I tried to talk to him. It didn’t end well. It ended with me standing there a bit frustrated in our high school hallway surrounded by other students as they made their way to their next class as he walked away telling me to come and find him in 20 years.


He found me 25 years later.


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