He Goes a Scoot Scoot

My parents have the most adorable pomlab ever. Pomlab aka: a Pomeranian and a Labrador mix. We figured the Pom (the dad) was a very determined pup. All the same his spawn is just as determined in so many other ways and has a very big personality. Not to mention he is as cute as ever! I have better photos of him on Instagram in case you want to scroll through to find them @iamalexvictoria.

Last week at my parent’s house I was talking to my mom while she played a round of cards with my youngest neice. The next thing I noticed was the little guy scooting his butt across the carpet like the pug in Disney’s Pocahontas. I have to say the scooting is completely out of character for him.

Of course I scolded him for doing it.

No sooner did I get done scolding him. Then he did it once more.

So out of character!

We all assumed at once that he needed worm meds and for the next three days he was on a dog food only diet so his worm meds could properly do their job. Poor guy!

On his second day of meds and no human food my mom finally came to the realization that maybe he doesn’t have worms. She looked at me and said, “I think I know what his problem is.” I looked at her curiously. “I fed him some of that buffalo chicken and biscuit casserole from the other night.

Lucky guy. No worms. Just a firey flame’n butt due to excessive consumption of hot sauce hidden in a casserole. Poor puppy!

Alex Victoria

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