Hey Jim! Call Me Al!

TW and I spent this past New Years at one of TW’s hangouts. It’s not one of my favorite places to go because of the neighborhood its in. I am not one of those snobby “Eww, this neighborhood is gross types.” It’s just a known fact that neighborhood a bit on the rough side and is known for muggings and robberies. Patrons who have left this hangout have been beaten and robbed. Sounds like a great place to go…right?!?!?

TW and his friends are disc jockies and they play at local bars around our area. They do this in their spare time after their regular jobs. On New Years TW’s friend Jim decided that ending 2018 will be an all 80’s night. Don’t ask to play anything but 80’s music only!!!

That night at the bar there were only four patrons and the bartender. Plus TW’s group consisting of Jim, Marc, and Marc’s girlfriend. Prior to going out that night this was a topic that TW and I discussed earlier in the week. I had guaranteed that everyone this day and age would rather stay home that to go out. Especially going out to a bar. TW stood his argument and reminisced about recent years past when the bar was packed and people celebrated being out. Boy was TW shocked when he walked into the bar that night. Yep, four patrons! And only four patrons remained there that entire evening.

It was twenty minutes before the ball was to drop in New York City and the conversation between myself and Marc’s girlfriend had dwindled. Seeing that my phones’ battery was on its last leg of the day. I grabbed TW’s phone and started to find when Paul Simon debut “You Can Call Me Al” from his Graceland album.

The answer: 1986.

Ha! Perfect!

I then turned to Jim and said, “Hey Jim! Call me Al!”

Jim looked at me a bit baffled.

What? Call you Al? But why? Jim asked.

Jim was in his own little world at the time. He looked over at TW. TW explained not to call me Al personally. The song! You know the one with Paul Simon and Chevy Chase! TW told Jim.

Oh, yes my dear. Of course! Jim answered once he understood that it was a song request and not to call me Al.

Jim then timed “You Can Call Me Al” right before midnight and at the moment the ball was going to drop in New York City. After the song played gunshots went off in that neighborhood singling in the new year and Auld Langs Syne played.

Please don’t call me Al!

With Love,