The Next to Perfect Sunday.

This past Sunday was nearly next to perfect. In the words of Hermonie Granger, “How can it be nearly (in her scenario headless) perfect?”

Okay let’s rephrase that. It was a perfect Sunday. I had the day off. I usually work on Sundays. I know I am such a heathen! No worries, Papa and I have a pretty good relationship. We’re all good.

I had made plans to visit my daughter at school. She had just moved out of her old dorm and into a new dorm. She experienced the roommate from hell scenario. The purpose of my visit was for support and a Walmart run. The girl has to get more stuff ya know! And food just incase another winter vortex happens again and she can’t get to the closest dining hall.

The view from her new dorm. Ironically it looks right at her old dorm building. Such is life. Oh, if you look closely in this photo you can see my reflection. That’s kind of creepy.

As for that perfect Sunday. The weather had broke to a high of almost 50 degrees which was a heat wave compared to the -44 windchill and -5 degrees that was just a few days earlier. I had the most beautiful drive to Columbus, and I got to hear Bob Kingsley’s county count down. It’s been so long since I’ve heard his show on the radio. The things you take for granted when you are no longer able to have them. The number one hit for the week was Deirks Bentley featuring Brothers Osborne with “Burning Man”. I have to say y’all it took me back to my childhood by having a Sunday drive, a destination to go to, the Sunday count down with a disc jockey I’ve heard on the radio most of my life, and the countryside still covered in snow. You can ask for anything better on a rare Sunday off from work. Oh yes, that heatwave! What a bonus!!!!

I finally made it to my destination, and called my daughter. Unloaded the items she asked for from home and then found a parking space while she returned to her dorm with all her goodies. Then I made my back to her dorm walked through the first set of doors but not the second due to a lack of a keycard. I scrambled through my purse to find my phone and while doing so the front desk attendant buzzed me in. I thanked him, and that is when he mentioned that he wasn’t going to let me in at all but he figured I really was a parent. I had that look on my face and well, he was right. In all reality he should have had me wait until my daughter reappeared. On the retrospect wow someone actually recognized me as a parent! I told him that too. I told the kid that it was a catch 22 when everyone you know keeps telling you that you are not old enough to look like you have a child in college. I thanked him for that too!

My daughter made her appearance and we went to see her new dorm room. It is so much nicer than her previous room. And I got to meet her new roommate! She is so nice and she is from our neck of the woods! It was so nice not having to explain anything outside the Cleveland area. Yay! After a while making aquatintes we made our departure and started our day.

Walmart was the very first thing on the list of to do. Then off to the Half Priced Bookstore and by time we were done there my tank needed refueling. By tank. I mean the one that consists my demeanor. Low blood sugar levels do not equal good times in this family! Of course there was the back and forth in the car of…

Me: You pick!

Daughter: I don’t care you pick!

Me: Neither do I, so you pick!

Daughter: It doesn’t matter to me, your the one who’s hungry!

Me: Oh, hell’s bells, pick a place!

Daughter: I don’t care!

Me: Fine! We’ll head back to campus and find something there!

Once we unloaded the car again, and reparked the car we finally started to look for a place to eat. I knew my daughter deep down wanted ramen and wanted to go to the new noodle place near campus. We looked up the menu and figured another time would be a better time to go there. Instead we ended up going to what is becoming a family favorite of ours and its been in it location for decades. The local donut shop.

We like their donuts and we like their coffee but we have not tried their food yet. I am glad that we did. For under or around $7.00 each we got a large serving of one gyro, fries and a pop.

This gyro combo really hit the spot. Low blood sugar levels were redeemed. And the peasants rejoiced! I was so full that I didn’t want anything else the rest of the day.

When we had finished we left but not without buying some donuts to take home. TW has a favorite from them and you cannot get them in our neck of the woods. With TW in mind I bought his favorite. I bought my daughter her favorite. I bought some for myself. As if I really need them. But who is taking score anyway!

My daughter and I said our goodbyes and made our departure. I headed through town and back onto the highway. Load and behold a miracle happened. I got to merge into traffic with no problems. Let me tell y’all that doesn’t happen very often in the city of Columbus. At least not from my experience!!!!

What a perfect Sunday!


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