Have Ya Stopped By the Beach Lately?

I did! But just for a moment the other day. It was pretty cold and very gusty. The seagulls or I should say lake-gulls (since this is Lake Erie after all) were rather enjoying the wind. They were taking full advantage of every gust that allowed them to windsurf and glide over the lake with such ease.

As for the beach itself…well what can I say.

Well it definitely looks like a the lake has the impertinent teenage side and threw whatever its been hiding out from underneath itself on the beach. Don’t worry folks. I promise ya it doesn’t look like this in the summer!

Nope. No. It doesn’t!

Just imagine this place covered in beach bodies. Some bodies are beach body ripped and other bodies are not so beach ready like mine. Ooooh Paczki! Nom. Nom. Nom. Oh yeah. I’ll never be beach body ready. Too much good food around!

Oh, I also took a very short video of the beach. Listen closely like you would do with a conch shell and you might hear the sound of lake-gulls, crashing waves and the wind.

Most definitely the wind! All the same this is apart of my neck of the woods! Thanks for stopping by!

Beach dream’n

Well, for a clean beach!

I’ll be patient.


Where was I?

Oh yeah!

Beach dream’n

Lucky stone finding

Golf ball collecting

Waiting for warm sand between my toes and to play in Cyanobacteria!

Kidding on the Cyanobacteria!

Alex Victoria

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