He’s Bucky and He’s Steve

I really wish that I had a photo of TW and CB of when they were younger. I believe y’all would see it more between the two of them of would be Steve Rogers (pre-super human powers) and who would be Bucky Barns from Captain America. Since there is no visual here…TW would be Steve and CB would be Bucky.

TW met CB at the age of nine when TW’s parents bought a house two doors down from CW’s dad’s. They are a year apart in age and became fast friends from the first time they met. Like Steve and Bucky, TW and CB grew up as if they were brothers. Just like the like the saying goes, “A brother from another mother!” So much so that each set of parents were called mom and dad. Up until recently CB had no clue what TW’s mother’s name was. He finally asked and she finally told him what it was. After finding out what it was, he told her that she had a pretty name and continued on calling her mom.

As the boys grew up they did the most insane boy things that country boys could think of such as jumping off the roof of the house and try to land on the couch below that was recently thrown out. Or streak naked through the vastly wide range neighborhood while being timed before being caught while making their way back to point “A”. Then there was sports and joining football. CB excelled in football but TW did not because of he was not cut out to be a football player. TW is more of a soccer player (the other type of futbol).

Once they hit high school, the girlfriends came along and so did their pickup trucks that they both worked on. All the same, not everything was all good. TW being a small framed guy with a big heart.

Oh, crap! I just ruined his tough guy image. Sorry my love!

Well, cats out of the bag now.

With a big heart, TW was bullied by a couple of guys who thought that they could just push his buttons. TW tolerated the bullying and he did get in a couple of fights with these guys. But one day, one bully pushed a little too hard, and that is when CB had enough.

The boys were heading to class that morning when the bullying began for the day. TW was trying with all his might to hold his composure. That’s when CB stepped in. CB being a football player had some influence over this bully. So he said to him, “I’ve got something to talk to you about,” and then proceed to pull the bully in to the boys restroom. The bully a bit miffed asked what was so important? That’s when CB threw the first blow to the bully’s face. CB kept the punches going and of course the bully tried to fight back. At least until the last blow when CB grabbed the bully by the back of the head and smacked him against the cinder block wall which ended the fight.

The bully whom was just barely conscious, looked up at CB and said nothing. CB told the bully that if he ever thought about picking on TW again. He’d better think twice about it because CB would come back after him if he did. After that fight the bully had such a terrible headache that he left school for the day and went to the hospital. He never laid a hand on TW or said another word to him ever again. And TW never knew why.

Ten years later CB ran into that bully. The first thing that bully said…“Please don’t punch me!” CB lit a cigarette, put a sly grin on his face and just chuckled.

Now folks, I really don’t condone violence but in this case…the bully had it coming. Yes, this story maybe a little bit politically incorrect but there are times when you have stand up for yourself like TW did. And when that bully just doesn’t get the hint. He just needed someone else to put him in his place. Otherwise a lot worse could have happened.

Peace out!

I am a lover not a hater!

Okay not 100% a lover.

You have to stand your ground otherwise you’ll get run over!

Maybe 85ish to 90ish percent lover

Oh, hell’s bells…love, peace, and have a great day y’all!

Alex V.

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