From the Quiet Shores of Lake Erie to the City.

Yesterday I had to do some typical errands which lead me to go up town to get them done. I can remember growing up how much of an inconvenience it was to live out in the country because you have to drive everywhere. The nearest mall is 30 minutes away, and if you wanted a more metropolitan mall with all the trendier stores, it was an hour away. Oh, and Starbucks didn’t exist!

The town north of me is a tourist town. It has all the essential convinces but nothing more. It used to depend on the Ford Motor Company but now it has gone to its natural resources. If you come here and hang out in the historic part, you will feel as though you have stepped into a New England fishing town. However, you might have to pinch yourself to remember that you are in Ohio.

This is this street that leads to the public beach. As of March 1st, the lake was pretty much frozen over along the shore line. A much different appearance from two weeks ago when I stopped by to take a quick photo and the ice was just floating in the waves.

Nope yesterday was a frozen solitude of silence. Hard to believe that in a couple of months beach bodies will be covering the landscape here.

Mine won’t be. I’ll walk the beach in my regular clothes. Like I did yesterday to take more photos.

Like this one.

And more photos like this one.

And more photos like this one.

And one more expansive photo like this one.

There is one more thing about this beach. It’s this building which at one time it was someone’s home.

Truthfully I wouldn’t mind owning it as my own home. Nonetheless, it has existed as a museum for as long as I can remember. It used to house all things about the Great Lakes. But it closed down during the recession and never reopened. This year it is slated for demolition. It will definitely be a loss historically to the community and the town knows it. The decision was really a hard one for them to announce. They actually did look in the cost of renovating the building but the cost out weighs the cost of erecting a newer facility.

The newer building will be a bath house. A place where beach goers can change in and out of their swim gear. Not to mention there will finally restrooms and more room for parking! Let me tell ya it is not the easiest place to find parking for an 2500 Chevy Silverado that is a quad cab and has a long bed to it. Believe me the many times I have been yelled at by some bitty because I was backing up into fresh grass and tearing up the turf, I am ready for better parking.

Sorry mam, I can’t help it! Could you please put in the word for me at the next town council meeting that y’all need to expand your streets! Not to mention have a system in place for when someone is backing out not to have some one hover over the soon to be open parking space! Mam, I really am a skilled driver but it’s awfully hard to turn this truck around when people will not move out of the way to let you out. So sorry for tearing up your grass!

On my way out of town I headed for the gas station to pick up some coffee, and donuts for the trip to the city. They have this pretty awesome sign on the side of the building stating, “SUPER HERO PARKING ONLY Veterans, Active Duty, Police Force, Fire Fighters.”

I think they should add single working parents (with significant other) to that list too! That’s just me.

Oh, we may not have a Starbucks close by but the gas station has a Dunkin’. If I was to be honest, I prefer Dunkin’s coffee over Starbucks.

Gasp! I know! Uh Oh, now I am trouble. I’ve gone and done it! I’ve gone against the grain of things in the blogging wold and the internet. I am supposed to say that I looooovvvvveeeee Starbucks! I worship Starbucks! I am obsessed with Starbucks! Starbucks is my ever living purpose. How I am ever to function without my Starbucks!

Easy. You just do!

I am not knocking Starbucks. I’ve gone there on many of occasions like on my 40th birthday when my daughter and I stood in front of Tiffany’s to imitate Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So I am not a Starbucks hater, I just have my preferences.

After picking up my order from Dunkin’ I headed home to drop off my belongings and gathered the things I needed to take off toward the city. I was picking my daughter up from college for the weekend. We have some things that need to get done. Things that need her required attention and her physical presence. Otherwise I would have left her at school and got everything done myself. The down falls of having an 18 year old. The legal system says that they are an adult now and that they need to be present. Darn it! Oh well! Did I mention that I liked the fact that she choose a college that is close by but it feels far enough for the grand adventure of college life. Yep, good choice kid!

I arrived after my daughter’s shift (she works and goes to school) and guess what’s back? Yep, those spring orange flowers that tell you wether to shift left or right lanes depending on what direction they have you going. Yep, they’re back!

When I found a parking space on the street. I took this photo.

Then I took this photo.

Oh, ya see that lit up sign there that says Cane’s backwards. Just to let ya know…they serve the best chicken fingers ever! That’s all they serve is chicken fingers. Their menu is real simple, and I like it! We ate there last night, and then went to the bookstore next door. Then headed back to the country. I mean home.

Now my baby is home and she is extra chatty.

I’ve miss that extra chatty child of mine!

Alex Victoria

2 thoughts on “From the Quiet Shores of Lake Erie to the City.

  1. Great post! What’s the building that is slated for demolition and where is it located? I always hate to see historic homes and buildings torn down; even if the condition of the building is bad. I understand that many times that is the only alternative, but it is still sad.


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