Frozen Over


We Walked on Frozen Water Because We Can’t Walk on Water


Solitude in the Tundra of Lake Erie


Ya Hear That “Erie” Sound When a Rock Hits Frozen Water?

Either way one of those would have made a good title.

After our appointment this past weekend I took my daughter to the beach just to relax her over worked college soul. I figured it would be the nice way to say “Hi!” for coming home. Just what every college student needs a nice walk along a frozen tundra where the lake looked like it vomited everything it had hiding in it. Okay maybe not everything. We didn’t come across any dead bodies or a car that someone pushed into the lake from the Great Depression to claim the insurance money on. Still it is a mess with lots of debris. All the same here is a one minute video of the frozen tundra, a flying sea lake gull, and what happens when you throw a rock into the river when it is frozen.

Apparently my daughter wasn’t the only person who found throwing rocks onto the frozen river amusing. Others did too as you can see by the collection of rocks here.

I love my daughter’s excitement over frozen water rippling underneath. Not to mention the sound a rock makes when it hits frozen river water too. Check out the eight second video below.

Kind of an eerie echo that rock makes. Don’t ya think?

Looking down river its pretty but deserted. In the summer months there is a constant flow of water craft traffic that glides in and out of here. I don’t recommend kyaking this far up the river because of the traffic.

Among the few sea lake gulls there was only one trying his or her darnedest to break through the ice to get some grub. Then it looked at me and I looked at it and then I took it’s photo!

Taking photos of subjects of the animal kingdom is becoming a thing especially when they look back at me. First cows now lake gulls! Okay I hate to ask who is next.

Drift wood. Okay drift wood is not a who. More of a what. So drift wood. Yep drift wood. Drift wood that stuck in the sand! Drift wood that what’s next!

Not just any drift wood. Drift wood with lake gull foot prints in the sand. Such an artsy photo!

Okay maybe Mother Nature beats me in the artsy department here with frozen waves.

And making the lake look as though we have moved to the Arctic Circle. I assure you we have not. So we pinched ourselves to make sure we were still here in Ohio and not the Arctic Circle.

Oh, this is lake vomit. You know the stuff it has been hiding everywhere else but on the beach. Just like a teenager who’s idea of cleaning is to shove everything under the bed until the bed can no longer disguise it. The shells are from zebra muscles. They’re re not good for the lake’s echo system.

I know the answer of why they are not good for the lake but right now I really don’t feel like explaining it. The magic eight ball called the internet could probably explain it so much better than I can. Feel free to look it up.

Oh, look….more frozen tundra!

I see the shoreline and in case you were wondering….

Yes, we did the awesome, stupid, courageous, what were we thinking, amazing first time ever of walking out on the lake.

We walked out to what would have been equavalent to walking out to my chest level in water.

My daughter walked out onto it first and then she made me walk out there too. No, no she didn’t. I am kidding on that! I volunterally walked out there on my own.

I’ll tell ya one thing. The view is a lot more when you walk out there. It’s actually kind of cool (physically and in the literal sense).

Just look at all those frozen over waves, and we were walking on them. WOW! We walked up until you could see where the current changes. That is that dark line just younger there.

As I said before, this was the very first time we’ve ever walked out onto the lake while it was frozen. I personally don’t recommend it unless you are for certain you will survive if you fall in. We were very much lucky that the lake was just a solid mass of ice over the weekend. Otherwise we personally would have never adventured out there like we did. Nonetheless, it was a great experience and such a wonderful mother and daughter bonding moment. I don’t get too many of those moments these days. So I am taking them whenever I can. Even if it means walking on the dangerous side!

Alex Victoria

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