Nervous Mistakes

This week in the workforce was a bit of a roller coaster to say the least. Normal work as usual and an individual meeting with the company’s owners. Which is not very usual. Matter of fact it was very unusual. It was the first time an entire department went in one by one to have a single conversation with those who sign our paychecks. Anything topic wise within a professional setting was allowed, of course. No obscured over-the-topics of personal matters such as sex lives or how to commit the perfect murder and then perform it.

In my conversation I paid compliments to what I liked and what I felt the company was doing well. No, I wasn’t brown nosing! Then I talked about my biggest concern. No, I wasn’t being negative! Just being honest and speaking my mind in a very much politically correct manner! Which is really tough for me. Being politically correct in all.

After all the professional stuff was said and done. We talked about how my daughter was doing in college. How TW and I recently connected after 25 years. And of course my most recent accomplishment getting my college degree in marketing and where I plan on going with it. Then the owner asked for my resume. Me being like, “Oh yeah, I’ve got this!” pulls out my phone knowing that I have my documents sitting in my cloud. Feeling confident and savvy when I set up my email to find my resume document sitting there and wahla I sent it off. Yep, right there in that moment I was feeling it. Feeling nervous and confident at the same time. I did it! I sent an uber cool email in a middle of a meeting! Hey, it’s a big step for me since I have been doing a lot of grunt work for the last 20 years and this is my moment to shine.

Me: Did ya get it?

Owner: Yep and it’s impressive too!

Me: Thanks!

Me: I don’t think that’s the right document.

Owner: It’s perfectally fine.

Me: Okay!

Eventually our conversations ends with me on a bit of a high note and not feeling so right about that resume document I sent.

Later after work I checked that email and the document that I sent. All of sudden my instincts were right. I did send the wrong resume document. What I ended up sending was a four page work-in-progress rough draft of my now current polished resume. I felt so mortified and incompetent.

The next morning as luck would have it the owners did a walk though and I caught their eye. I had explained that the document that I sent wasn’t the right one and that I could send the bight shinny polished one. The owners told me not to worry about it and that the document was good. Then they told me that they sent it to the Columbus branch too. My heart sank to my stomach.

If I felt mortified the day before. It was nothing compared to what I was feeling in that moment. I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and never return. Thoughts raced though my head at first break I would make sure that I would send that correct bright shinny polished resume. I would redeem myself and make things better.

First break came around and I installed Microsoft Word on my phone so that I could better access my documents and sent them directly. I had it all set up and a millisecond from sending it. Then I stopped. I had to let it go. I already made a fool out of myself, there is no reason to muck things up more when I was all ready was told that everything was fine. So I hit the delete button and dropped the issue.

TW was right about the topic of my nervous somewhat need to make things perfect. When I try to be more aware of something and I want it to be more on the perfection side. I tend to make more mistakes than if I were relaxed and concentrating. Lesson learn…let it go! Even if it means that I now look like the most incompetent job candidate between Cleveland and Columbus.

Remember kiddies alway check your documents!

With love,

Alex Victoria

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