A New Coffee Discovery

You know when you hear about new places and they are really good you’ve just have to go and check them out. That’s what I did the other day before picking up my daughter from college. It’s spring break by the way. All the same. I have been wanting to try out different places to eat at everytime I drive into the city. And some places I’ve stopped by a few times over like the local donut shop.

The other day however, I tried some place new and I liked it! It truly is what you think a coffee shop should be. Trendy, good food, good atmosphere but most of all really good coffee. The bonus of this place, it has its own onsite parking! A rarity in the city.

I found out about this coffee shop in the University’s newspaper when welcoming in new freshman and I have been itch’n to go ever since. Yep, I am one of those people who will go out and discover my new environment if you will. I want to see if these place are worth going and worth the hype. As I said previously, it really was.

Unlike most places when you scroll through any establishment’s menu online the food looks phanominal until you get there and then the presentation is a big disappointment. Not at this coffee shop. What you see online is what you actually get in person. Kudos to whom ever is behind it all.

To be quite frank. I haven’t come across a place yet that has been recommended to me in the greater Columbus area that has been a big disappointment. So do pray tell where this fine establishment can be found? You can find it here and they have two more locations in the greater Columbus area as well.

Lots of Caffeinated Love,


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