The North Market

This past January TW and I made a tip to see my daughter at school and because of her schedule we had gotten there late in the afternoon. With not much time to spend together I thought it would be nice to walk around Columbus’ North Market.

I had only been to the market only once before in my late twenties and I remembered that it was not as impressive as the Westside Market in Cleveland, all the same it was still somewhere to go on this current cold snowy January day. Plus it got my daughter off of campus for a couple of hours. Which by the way she loved the change of scenery.

Okay maybe I should change that “not to impressive” to something a little not what I was expecting a market to be. And I really shouldn’t compare the two markets to be honest. I have to give credit to the North Market for rolling with the times. Because not too many people go to places like this to shop for groceries anymore. However, people love to eat!

So what are you going to find at the North Market?

You’re going to find a lot of small take-away-restaurants. Needless to say that there is something there to tickle everyone’s tastebuds. As you can see here from what TW and I both ordered from different venders.

Went to Columbus with TW yesterday to see my baby girl. We took her to the North Market in the Short North neighborhood, which is a great place to eat if you are ever in Columbus. TW has a BBQ sampler of smoked turkey, smoked brisket, and smoked kielbasa with a side of cheesy mashed potatoes. I on the other hand shared my vegetarian sampler with my daughter. The dish contained pickled ginger beets, sweet potato and chickpeas with spinach, cauliflower quinoa with pomegranate seeds, raisins and dill. The last item in the sampler was a rutabaga, carrot, raisin, cashew and I forgot what kind of grain was used but it was good. However, I couldn’t help but to stare at that BBQ of TW’s. He offered some and boy, oh boy was it good!

Alex Victoria – Instagram @iamalexvictoria

There are a few other venders at the market that do sell actual meats, produce and spices. However they are very few in comparison with the restaurant venders. So I would take a look at the market’s calendar of events to see when they have more produce venders available to give a better market feel. I personally would love to go back when the weather is warmer to experience it myself. I also do want to note that some of these small take-aways also have other establishments around the city of Columbus and the market is a wonderful way to sample these places without having to galavant around the city to find them. And yes, there is a place to stay in the market to sit down and eat all of your food finds. Just go upstairs and you’ll find a little nook to settle in at.

So if you find yourself in the Short North neighborhood (just above downtown) of Columbus and you are looking for a sampling of what the city has to offer, stop by the North Market to tickle your taste buds. But do be aware that you will have to pay for parking and I am sorry to say that there is no way around the parking situation. But that’s life in the city!

Oh, and one more thing if you do go. Please pay your respects to the dead.


The market was build over a grave yard.

Don’t worry. Most of the bodies were removed to another location but there were a few that remained including the second mayor of Columbus because there was no one to claim the those few folks who were left behind. So say a few Hale Marys’ or whatever it is you say to ask for forgiveness when walking over someone’s grave.

All the best from the one who walks over graves to get to good food,

Alex V.

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