All for the Band!!!

Or I was a roady!

Or Band Mom Pride (I am the Anti Band Mom Because I am the Photographer)

Either way I am changing up the content here today on Alex Victoria. Hope ya don’t mind but I’ve got a story to tell.

Not so long ago I was in a hellish situation. Life was not grand and I was on the bottom of my barrel so to speak. Needless to say I was starting my life all over again and personally was not feeling my greatest. I am not going to go into detail about it all but it wasn’t any health scare or nothing so outlandish that the world would spin off its axel. However, it brought me back to my childhood home and the area I grew up in. I even had to place my daughter in the high school that I graduated from.

In the beginning I faced old classmates that were living successful lives and from the outside of it all, they seem to have it all. I faced the judgement stares and the gossip. But eventually I got to prove that I had something too.

Growing up I always had a photographer’s eye and people thought that I was just staring at them in a creepy way. Come to think about it —Yeah, I get it. I guess it is kind of creepy.

It was creepy until I started posting the photos that I had taken. Then people started to understand what I was seeing and they loved them. I also learned that I like to use a photo journalism style over posing photos. I love capturing people in their natural state rather than in “Pose and smile for the camera!” Which is raawwwther irritating for me.

So here is a glimps of what got me through my roughest years in the aftermath of that not so wonderful moment in my life.

The best part of being able to do what I used to do was that I got to spend time with my daughter through out her high school years. No, I wasn’t one of those crazy moms who lived vicariously through their kids. It was a way to spend time with my daughter because of working a full time job and going to college didn’t allow conventional quality time together. The other bonus of being one of the photographers is that I also got to be on the sidelines of every Friday night football game too. If you ever been on the sidelines of any football game or any sporting event, you know the rush of energy that over comes the field. It’s unexplainable yet amazing!

I have to give these kids a lot of credit they truly work their butts off from the end of July to the end of October.

And if anyone ever says marching band is not a sport. Well… lets see you try it! Oh, and don’t walk into the uniform room after a game. You’ll regret it!

I also want to say that through out the years it was neat to see other kids grow up. It’s hard to believe that these two ladies are going to graduate soon. They are just babies here. By babies. They were not even in high school yet when this photo was taken. The band director brings up his Jr. High kids to be banner carriers and color guard helpers just to keep things moving along.

Because there is team work in this band! Hard to believe this is just one section.

I am pretty sure there are a lot of you out there who grew up going to high schools where your marching band is 300 plus kids. For myself that number was around 50 at the most when I was in high school in the Stone Age. For my daughter the band doubled in size to a whopping 100. Which is great for a small country school to have that much interest in music.

This is the reaction the band director gives when your cousin’s kid says something out of context.

This is what happens when the general student population decides that baby power is the best way to put off a rival.

But it only puts all the band moms in a tizzy and they scatter like crazy because the band uniforms are black and the band kids still need to preform for the halftime show.

Baby powder and black uniforms what a combination!

Then the general student population didn’t think a head on their baby powder idea. It left a few folks unable to breath.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

Dude! Are you going to survive over there?

Oh, you’re fine!

Okay! Keep driving the buss then!

It’s okay the drum line are a tough bunch. They’ll be fine just as long as their shirts double up as bandannas.

I have to say that these kids have the best personalities. I was just walking up to capture this young man staring out into space when all of a sudden he turned to me and did this big wide mouth grin.

Hard to believe he will be graduating this year. This photo was taken when he was a baby freshman.

That’s thing of this cycle of life. You have a beginning, a middle and an end.

My era as a photographer for my daughter’s high school band maybe over. However, I don’t know where I would have been if it were not for these kids. I really don’t know if I would have risen above my state of mind as well as I had if it were not for a band director who allowed me to be apart of this organization. Oh, and FYI: I usually photoshop my pictures. I did not photoshop any of these photos.

So let me know which one was your fave?

With love,

Alex V.

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