The Bridesmaid’s Pose

Or The Pich Perfect Movie Poster Pose.

When I started taking photos of my daughter’s band mates little did I realize that I was going to start a little tradition with the color guard girls. Well for at least the years that my daughter was in school there. It would be a little weird (even though I am an alumni) if I showed up out of the blue and start taking photos of other people’s kids.

The first year that I did this it was very much impromptu. Which meant I only had about less than a few minutes to get seven girls in one spot to corporate with no one blinking or having squishy faces. Not an easy task but I some how pulled it off.

Even though it wasn’t the greatest photo I have ever taken. The girls loved the photo and they now had something uniquely of their own. Not to mention it set them apart from the ever so doted on cheerleaders who later tried to imitate taking the same photo.

The next year came around and I wanted to do something different than the year before. I wanted something cleaner. Something more coordinated. Out of the three quick shots that I got. This one was the best. Nope, nobody is perfect in this one. There are squishy faces and etc. but the concept was good.

My last and final year with this annual photo op. I had a couple of rules.

  1. Keep it clean. No sexy poses, etc. etc.
  2. Be yourself. Let your personality shine through.
  3. No posing poses. You’re not on the field!
  4. You don’t have to smile for the camera because you’re not on the field.
  5. And again be yourself!!!!

This is was the result….

I loved how each girl allowed her personality to shine through. Out of the three years of doing this photo op. This one was my favorite. It combined my non conventional journalistic style of photography with the traditional conventional let’s be posey style. Which I believe is called being candid.

The girls raved about it!

Their coach loved it!

Matter of fact the coach loved it so much she made copies for each girl at the end of the year.

For myself it was a nice hurrah to say good bye to the marching season and the closing of another chapter of my daughter’s senior year.

I just wanted to say that the anti Band Mom in me weeps!

With love,

Alex Victoria

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