Foodie Heaven on E. 4th Street

About this time last year my daughter was starting to gear up in a panic of “OMG how am I going to pay for my college education!” Luckily for her, her high school works with a gentleman who does a lot of the financial miracles for soon to be college students. Sorry kiddies the money man can not pull off the kind of miracles such as the ones that Aunt Becky from Full House can. Yep, there is a rowing spot open for you some where at an Ivy League school just as long as you are willing to do the unthinkable. The money man on the other hand is the man who had directed my daughter to a few leads on scholorships. Along with what was the best course of action for my daughter financially. He eventually directed her to a nonprofit organization in downtown Cleveland that works with kids in my daughter’s situation of high academic achievement from a moderately low income family.

On this particular trip into Cleveland I decided after her appointment with the good folks of the nonprofit organization was over, we would discover a little bit more of downtown Cleveland. By discover — I was on the hunt for the infamous E. 4th Street. The home of all things that make Cleveland a foodie destination.

The restaurants are a mix here and there maybe one resident celebrity chef that has two establishments side by side each other. We didn’t go to either one of them because one was closed and the other one we could not afford to eat at, at that time. Not to mention they were packed! Plus my kid was not up for eating BBQ.

Funny little story about the famous chef’s restaurant. When my daughter was in the fourth grade her class attended a field trip to Progressive Field for the Channel 3 Weather Days and then to watch the Tribe play afterwords. Before we even stopped to let everyone off, the busses kept circling around downtown Cleveland trying like mad to find a place to drop everyone off at. In the mits of all the circling around I spotted the infamous E. 4th Street and celebrity chef’s restaurant. I must have done something that caught my daughter’s teacher’s eye because he asked what was it that I saw out the window. I told him that I spotted Lola. Lola??? The teacher questioned me. Yes, Lola. I said. The teacher looked at me of how in the heck could I have known someone off the streets of Cleveland by their name. I continued on to tell him… It’s a restaurant owned by famous celebrity chef who just won the Iron Chef title a few years ago. The teacher not knowing of famous celebrity chef’s accomplishments was surprised to hear that someone from the Cleveland area would excel in something beyond the local area. Yet alone become famous enough to stay in Cleveland. Myself personally I think its awesome to see some one excel. Even if they never become famous.

Alas, maybe one day I might get to experience the one that was closed.

Wink. Wink. Hint. Hint TW!!!! Love ya sweetie…mwah!

The one thing that I do love about this street is that it is pedestrian friendly. No cars are allowed to drive on it. This allows people like myself who cannot make up their minds of which place sounds the most appealing to eat at.

My cousins on the other hand, they always go to the Greenhouse Tavern. It’s an American inspired cuisine.

Ya know how the adults in your life alway say stay out of strange dark allies. Somehow I never seem to listen to that. This is the ally of Zocalo Mexican Grill & Tequileria. I can only imagine how pretty this looks at night with all of those colorful lights.

Which is probably a far cry from this alley in Ann Arbor, Michigan that has no lighting what so ever at night.

If you’re into tag art this ally is definitely the place to go. I’ll talk about Ann Arbor another day.

Now back to Cleveland!

So where did we end up eating at?

Flannery’s Irish Pub!

What is great about Flannery’s is that they are pretty much the entrance restraunt of E. 4th Street. They are the closest to both the stadiums (the Quicken Loans Arena and the Progressive Field) in Cleveland. Plus they really do have that Irish pub feel, which is why my daughter was more comfortable in going there. Probably because her dad takes her to a lot of Irish pubs when they go out. Food wise, my daughter had the Sheppard’s pie and I had the Cuban style Ruban (which I see is no longer on the menu, at least not online). Both meals were good and personally I don’t think you could go wrong with anything that they offer. After all what they offer is more of a comfort food type of cuisine. Dollar wise it was a little pricey (that’s just me though) yet reasonable but the proportions match the cost. So if you leave hungry here, its not their fault!

So if you happen to find yourself between Euclid Ave. and E. Prospect Street in the Greater Cleveland area and are looking for some where that tickles your taste buds, look no farther than E. 4th Street.

Sharing the love of “The Land,”

Alex Victoria

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