On the Corner of Carnegie and Ontario

On the corner of Carnegie and Ontario sits this little baseball stadium. It has taken me a while to call it by its current name because I have known it as another name that was way cooler…Let’s go to the Jake! Now I think people call it the Prog or Progressive. I still like the Jake better but I call it Progressive.

I lost count of how many times I have sat at this intersection and then driven on by but I can tell you that I have only been in this stadium only once. It was when my daughter was in the fourth grade and it was for her class field trip to attend the Channel 3 Weather Days. I hadn’t expected much from this field trip. In the end however, going to a live game is far more fun than watching one at home. I am hoping that my daughter, TW and I can attend one this summer. My daughter probably won’t attend (important college age things to do like going to that world famous amusement park near us with friends) however, the offer is there to go.

When TW heard that the All Star Game was going to be in Cleveland this summer, his excitement was through the roof. He said that he would love to go even though he could not afford the tickets because they would go for a ridiculous price. C est la vive. Anyway the home opener is this Monday, and this family is excited!

On the good note we will be able to listen to the games at work, and of course some one will say, “Touchdown!” in place of a home run. Also other sports lingo will be inserted instead of any other baseball lingo. It’s like that for football season too. Instead of touchdown some one will yell, “Home run!” Got to love my co-workers!

Note: Its usually me yelling, “Touchdown” during a home run!

Don’t worry y’all I known how the game is played.

Lots of Love,

Touchdown! —AV

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