On the Corner of Ontario and Prospect

Sits this little burger joint which happens to be owned by three brothers from Boston. One of the brothers has “All the Right Stuff” and his band was plastered all over my walls during my preteen years. He is married to every young man’s dream (she really was when I was in high school back in the 1990’s.) Personally I think her cousin is way funnier and pettier. Yes, straight women can compliment other women. Its a rarity but it does actually happen! The second brother was well know for being a muscle clad boxer shorts wearing rapper and then turned actor. His photo I swore hung on many, many, many lockers in my jr high and high school. Oddly not mine though. I had the ad for Cool Water because the guy was way hotter and the ad made my locker smell better. However, the second brother was sure nice to look at though via hanging on other people’s lockers! The third bother whom I never even knew existed chose a more concrete path of becoming a chef, which is why we have this little burger joint in The Land!

Back story here. My daughter and I had another one of those scholarship things to attend and this time they hosted it in the most swankiest hotel in town.

I’ve never been before and now I can no longer say that. Here is the kicker about The Land. It looks so rough on the outside until you enter one of its buildings you’re like, “Whoa!” Like Joey Lawrence from the TV show Blossom whoa! Yeah that kind of whoa!

So at this scholarship engagement they served snack food at what would have been our dinner time. Unfortunately for my daughter and I it wasn’t filling. We were starving by the time the engagement was over. As we were leaving I turned to my daughter and asked if she was hungry and would she like to try the new burger joint just around the corner. She said yes. Her only concern was that it was going to be like all the other places in downtown. Overly expensive because a couple of celebrities had owned it. Much to our surprise it wasn’t overly expensive. It was actually affordable. Not cheap like the Golden Arches place but cheap enough that our bill before the tip was just a hair under twenty dollars.

Oh, and that little burger joint is really good! Although its not a great picture…. that burger was amazing! It is the house burger. Its really simple but again really good. If we ever get a chance to revisit this little burger joint again I am definitely expanding on to the chef inspired menu.

So if you happen to be in the Greater Cleveland area and are looking for a affordable place to eat that is really good. Stop by this little burger joint. It’s a walk down the street from the stadium that sits on the corner of Carnegie and Ontario

In the mean time — I’d climb a wahl to get another one of these burgers!

Best of love,

Alex Victoria

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