A Little Spring Sunset

Toward the end of February is when I start noticing the longer days approaching due to the colorful sunsets that happens to linger longer than they do in January. Eventually those February sunsets turn into spring sunsets.

Then eventually spring sunsets turn into summer sunsets. This photo was taken off a pier close by. From this photo it kind of reminds of being in Los Angeles. I visited L.A. only once. I like being in Ohio better.

I like our four seasons. I like that we have almost the same things here in Ohio that they have out there. Okay don’t get me wrong there are a few big differences such as climate, terrain, etc. However, ….let me tell ya a little story.

My visit in Los Angeles was just for fun. I got to be a tourist in a very large city for a few days and I had a ball for the most part. Except the part where I was eating at a little hot dog joint off of North La Brea Avenue when my friend and I were crammed next to two gentlemen who were name droppers and money braggers. Talk about mood killer for a foodie’s lunch experience. I personally was not impressed by their conversation. Nonetheless they were trying to make a big impression on my friend who by the way is super pretty and married. Guess they didn’t see her wedding ring or they didn’t care. Either way their conversation was about their million dollar yachts and who they knew —yak!

For me, I grew up around the the boat life and the waterfront so to me to see a million dollar yacht parked next to a restaurant along the river or cruising the shoreline was nothing. Then there are the famous ones who make their appearances around here. You wouldn’t think it but they do.

No, I haven’t met anyone or run into anyone because quite frankly I probably wouldn’t recongize them from their off screen life. Nor do I seek them out either. Anyway. I was starting to dive into my created hot dog concoction when a little bit of sauce spilled on my white tee shirt. I wasn’t a bit worried because I am a mom who at the time had an eight year old and kids at any age tend to have something spilled on them. Alas my Tide stick to the rescue!

The moment I pulled out that Tide stick and started using it the gentlemen (name dropper and money bragger) next to us pointed me out and shouted, “She’s using a Tide stick! Would you look at that!” Suddenly I felt like crawling under the table or leaving. I really felt like leaving. I shot a look his way of shock and disgust at the same time. He made me feel like I had done something wrong. Like it was a crime to try to combat the stain that recently took up residence on my white tee shirt. I don’t remember much after that but I believe the look on my face probably said it all to this guy because he realized his behavior and kept quiet for the rest of our meal.

I am just curious. What ever happen to a simple; “Hi, my name is…. Slim Shady” to start a conversation with someone? I know nerves can over come the best of us. Maybe its my Midwest upbringing but really a warm expression on your face and a hello is so much easier. Just say’n.

Summer sunsets are beautiful here as they are in Los Angeles. This photo is from that local public beach just north of my current residence.

I have quite a few sunset photos from this beach. It takes me back to my childhood when my grandparents (they were snowbirds) would rent a place in the summer here and the beach at the rental was a little bit more secluded.

For the rest of this story. I like Los Angeles but I love my Ohio home more. I couldn’t help but to feel as though I never left home while hanging out along the Pacific costline for those few days of visiting.

O-H-I-O my home, my beautiful O-H-I-O and it’s beautiful year round sunsets!

Lots of Love O-H-I-O,

Alex Victoria

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