The Boots, My Roots and We’re in Cahoots!

I’ve gone back to boots!

Because somebody brought me back to my roots!

And yes, we are in cahoots!

That somebody we all know who I am in cahoots with as TW. My life prior to TW reentering it was to wear the highest heels I could. Only because I am five foot tall and I love to be fashionable. That’s why.

However, back in the day I used to wear boots, and tennis shoes. So it only felt natural to me to be back in boots again. My daughter who has never seen me in a pair of boots was like, “What the heck, Mom? Why the change all of a sudden?” She was concerned that I was changing my life to alter around a country boy (man). But she wasn’t complaining when she got a couple pairs of high heels. I told her that I used to wear boots many many moons ago. Then she was okay with it. She was glad to know that I wasn’t altering my lifestyle for some guy.

So this past summer TW and I made a trip to a tack shop that I had known about from way back in the day only because one of my friends from high school owned horses. I’ve made quite a few trips to this place but this trip with TW was going to be the last.

I had found out while browsing around the shop that it was closing its doors forever. And from the way the people were talking it felt like it might be a while before they closed. Nope, not the case when I went to check out. They were closing in a couple of weeks!


Shocked. I almost could not believe it. This shop had been open for over fifty years! I just accepted it as a staple among tack shops and it would always be there. Yeah wow, that was a surprise. Prior to our trip out there, I already budgeted what I would spend prior to our arrival but I was not expecting to show up at a liquidation sale. All the same. I ended up buying two pairs of boots at prices I could have only dreamed of. Yes, I am totally regretting not doing so but I really should have gotten that third pair.

Since buying these boots they have gone practally everywhere. I have traded in my heels for them. I have to say this… these boots are far more comfortable than heels! Not to mention they are way more comfortable then tennis shoes. Yep, I sure went there!

I have worn them to football games. TW always wears his. Well, at least on the weekends he does. His boots are way older and much more broken in.

These boots have gone to the beach!

They have walked on frozen somewhat deep water out on Lake Erie.

And the two pairs of boots might just get another sibling one day. That’s if I can get my weight down. That something TW and I are going to work on when we get our place. Oh, speaking of the apartment search. We found one and we are in the process of trying to get it. As for the weight loss when it comes to these boots below. The company that they are made by does not make wide width, therefore if I want to wear these boots. The weight has to be reduced.

I know some women want to loose weight just to look good in a swimsuit. I just want to wear these boots because I really do love them! They are sooooo me that it is not even funny. However, with my other boots, the ones I bought with TW, have walked the city streets and my feet were not barking at the end of my visit.

I learned early on when my daughter started college to wear the most comfortable pair of shoes you own when visiting her on campus. These boots, no matter which ones I wear when visiting her are just heavenly sent. Then I am reminded of why I would wear them constantly in my high school youth. Although back then I believe it was more about being fashionable then functional.

Cheers to functional!

Cheers to being brought back to my boots!

Cheers to being brought back to my roots!

Cheers to the man I am in cahoots with!

I love these boots!

And I love that man!


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