First Ice Cream of the Season

You won’t think it that ice cream stands in my area are starting to open up this early. Oh, but they are! This little guy is a super fan of ice cream!

Bear is my dad’s dog. He is a Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever or better yet a Pomlab. Sounds so scientific. But you and I both know its not. In case you were wondering his mama was the Lab and his dad was the Pom.

So how much does he love his ice cream? More then you’ll ever know.

He would stand on his hind quarters and dance a puppy dance jig and we even train him to do it. That how much he loves his ice cream!

The little bowl is licked clean and the cookie is an obliterated mess on the car seat.

Did I ever mention how cute this little guy is? Truly he is adorable and he has a big personality. He keeps my dad going. He is also a really good watch dog too. Also wherever I take him out folks think he is the most adorable little guy ever. The kids (teenagers) who work at our local ice cream stand stop what they were doing just to say hello. He soaks it all up too.

I love this little guy!

TW loves this little guy too!

They are best buds as well!

Bear loves TW!

Everyone loves this little guy!

He even has a following on my daughter’s campus.

That little bundle of puppy cuteness gets my daughter and her friends through the roughest days of school.

We love ya Bear!


Alex Victoria

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