Eating out Locally

Growing up as a teenager of the 1990’s chain restaurants were all that. I can remember birthdays, anniversaries and what ever occasion if was to celebrate with family, some chain restaurant was the place to go.

Recently I added another notch to my forties, and my family asked me where in the heck I wanted to go to dinner? My reply to that question was, “Not a chain restaurant!” So we sat around and picked our brains of where to go. Finally I picked something that was local and better than any chain restaurant.

It once was a bar. Well, it still is a bar. Its just more of a restaurant these days. They renovated it in 2006 to make the place look like an Irish Pub instead of an American hole in the wall joint. They crazy thing about this pub is out of my entire family (my daughter included) I had not ever been to this place! Crazy right? I am the foodie in my family (so everyone says) and I have not ever been at this place before!

We went and I liked it. It was definitely what everyone had been talking about. The food was good, the atmosphere was great, and the service was pleasant. My first time there aka: my birthday, I had fish tacos. But what I really wanted I was kind of chicken to get because it’s one of those dishes that you mama can only make right if you know what I mean.

This past week TW’s truck decided that it was not going to start for him after work. I offered to pick him up and I also offered to take him to dinner. He agreed and back to this little local place we went. I ordered the nightly special of what I wanted to get the night of my birthday…chicken paprikas.

Chicken paprikas is a Hungarian dish that some how crept its way into my German heritage family. So when the cook at work asked myself and another co-worker with Hungarian heritage if the paprikas was right. We both told him it needed to be a bit more creamier and more paprika needed to be added. So how was the paprikas at the little local place? It definitely wasn’t how mama fixed it but it was still good. It needed to be more creamier and more paprika added to it.

What did TW have?

Twelve piece butterfly shrimp with fries and a couple of cold ones. Yep, it was that kind of day fo him. At least he was not driving.

Across the street from the pub is this little quaint shop all decked out in pink. To me it says, Spring is here times one hundred percent. Plus it looks like something out of Pinterest. Still adorable all the same.

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria

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