A Starbucks Lunch Over a Fast Food Lunch

It may seem a bit ridiculous to be dinning out at a Starbucks because of how expensive it can get. But before continuing on with this conversation I’ve got a confession. For the last fifteen years I have lived the fast food lifestyle because it is for the most part cheap and convenient.

With the lifestyle I have lived and having little to no money during my marriage process foods were more accessible. A stop at McDonalds could feed everyone in the car for under ten dollars on the dollar menu. So it is no surprise that my waist line expanded and my health well, yeah it went to pot without me watching out for it.

For the most part I am healthy. In terms of healthy; I am mobile, I try as much to stay active and do try to eat healthier. However, after a recent health scare this past February which tuned out that I had a fatty liver. Not so awesome by the way. Here is the thing of it all. I know I am over weight. Its pretty obvious. Sadly I have been carrying that weight around for well…15 years. Due to the fatty liver anything that I eat with high sodium or saturated in grease, I am left in excruciating pain. Which was a big wake up call for me. Nothing like feeling like you are having a heart attack but not having a heart attack is the best way to describe the affects of a fatty liver. So now I try like the dickens to avoid fast food restaurants as much as I can. If I can not, I navigate towards the healthiest things on the menu. Which is usually salads.

Now back to lunch at Starbucks. Yes, its a bit on the expensive side I will not contest to that fact. Yes, they have preprocessed items on the menu as well. However, their menu is easier to navigate through. For instance this turkey flatbread sandwich has a high constitute of sodium because of the turkey but it is paired with healthy sides of carrot sticks and apple slices. And no, I do not have to order a high sugar induced drink to wash it all down either. I will say that, that lemonade was really good though.

Does this mean I will be writing more about healthier items? No, sorry. If I do it would be in a way you really wouldn’t know that I was. My plan is to tackle this issue in a healthy way (which I have already started on) but not to the point where I am talking about juicing or some kind of insane fad diet. Sorry Keto fans, Keto is just not for me! However, I do realize that I will have to live on a very much reduced sodium diet but for me that is easy as cutting back on salt and not buying in to the preprocessed foods. Then telling everyone else in my life; Here is the salt shaker! You’re going to need it!

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria

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