Sold!!!! Auction Finds for the Household

Have you ever gone to an auction to buy household items? Believe it or not, its kind of a thing around here. My parents have been going to them for what it feels like an eternity. All the same that is how they have managed to decorate and furnish their home. Ever since my family got the news of TW and I moving in together they started scouring auctions for furniture finds. My dad knowing that I love vintage items found the perfect table and chairs set at an estate auction which was to be hosted at on a farm over an hour away.

Judging by the photos online I really did not know how well the condition was or even if they were worth getting. I thought it over and said what the heck. Auctions are a gamble kind of like the Grundy County Auction Incident, I had to throw caution to the wind and let my heart go with it, and I was willing to take the risk of getting this table and chairs set.

What I do not like about going to auctions is how the adrenaline rushes through me. My nerves get the best of me and I honestly hate loosing out on something that turned out to be worth getting. Oh, and I really am not a big fan of the Amish showing up. Long story short. They tend to buy everything under the sun with no qualms and jack up the prices. So I really dread seeing a buggy parked outside of an auction.

That and I got into a bidding war with a Amish guy over a treadle sewing machine. It was my very first auction that I ever put my own bidding card up in the air and I won. This Amish man hated the idea of loosing out to a woman so much that he had the tenacity to ask me if I was actually going to use the machine. I said, “That’s the reason why I bought it!” Then he tried to play a guilt trip on me by saying someone in his community needed it badly and how much could he buy it off of me. I ended up telling him as kindly as I could with a calm collective face that no it wasn’t for sale and then politely walked away. In case you did not know this but the “person” in this man’s community is actually a barn or warehouse where household items are stored for newlyweds building their households or if a natural disaster happens in that particular Amish community they can quickly rebuild at little to no cost. Even though I was furious with this man. I did not feel any guilt in saying no to him as I walked away.

The second auction I attended with my own card was over another sewing machine and I won again. The gentleman I was bidding against was an antique dealer and had no problem on loosing out to a woman.

The third auction I added with my own card was of an acquaintance of mine. She had passed away and her sons where hosting an auction to unload their mother’s things that they did not want. One of those things was a featherweight sewing machine that they bought for their mother for Christmas a few years prior her death and this auction.

I remember seeing this machine at our meetings and thought to myself that one day I would own a machine just like that. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I would be the owner of that very machine.

It was late in the early summer afternoon of May when the bidding finally began of this machine. I participated in the bidding where I thought it just might stop and then it got to my cut off price point. That’s where I stopped bidding. My mother who was absolutely surprised at my sudden holt on bidding slapped my shoulder blade to where I practically jumped out of my skin and said, “I thought you wanted that machine… KEEP BIDDING!!!!” Reluctantly I did. I kept on bidding until I was the last woman standing with my card in the air. Although I didn’t like the price I ended up paying for it nonetheless, I made my payment and reflected on the fact that I now have something of a woman who never apologized for who she was. She was sassy. She had a lot of moxie and she was kind. It puts a smile on my face to think of her and I am amazed to own that very machine that she used to take to meetings. I affectionately named this machine after her.

As for those table and chairs. They were practically in mint condition (an eight, a nine, a ten, I know with a ruby red inlay and I bidded my heart goodbye). There were a few folks looking into them except the Amish. They weren’t interested in it. I was really thankful for that. I don’t know why I had such adrenaline rush for. Maybe because if I actually won I would be saving TW and I hundred of dollars on a table and chairs set? Especially one that is quality made over something new made of particleboard and we would have to assemble ourselves. Maybe that was it? I do know that the bidding was so much easier than buying three sewing machines! The bidding started out super low and again when I thought the sale was about to end, I jumped in. My dad taught me that little trick. And yes, I won.

Oh, I was asked if I was actually going to use the table and chairs set? I said yes, its going into my kitchen to be used as my kitchen table and chairs! The man was surprised and walked away.

Adrenaline rushed (whooo) with lots of love,

Alex Victoria

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