A Love Story I Could Finally Read

I started reading The Pioneer Woman’s book: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels at the end of my marriage and try as I might I couldn’t stomach it. It is a little hard to read someone else’s love story when yours is crumbling. I wasn’t jealous of Ree. I just wan’t there in that point in my life to read about someone being happy. On the flip side I wasn’t that miserable to be a toll about it either like the person who wrote the “Why I hate the Pioneer Woman” website. It was written because her iced coffee recipe by the way.

I stumbled acrossed it because I was just curious about her back in the day. Who is this Pioneer Woman? What’s up with the calf nuts? I grew up in the country, yes, you’re supposed to do those kind of things to cattle. There is nothing new or shocking about calves nuts unless you eat them—yuck!That’s when blogging was new and social media platforms were just a twinkle in their creator’s eyes. Anyway, my thoughts about that site was…jealous much?!?!?!?

I love seeing people succeed. I also love seeing people being happy. Yes, I admit that I have had my troll moments in the past but it wasn’t over iced coffee. It was over someone being fake and selling stuff on false pretenses. I don’t like getting ripped off ya’ll! I work hard for that money! So shame on me for falling for their gimmick. Okay back to the book I could finally read.

I bought my first copy of Ree’s book at the Book Loft in German Village. They had it in the discounted books section that people peruse on the porch before entering the store. Not knowing much about Ree, I picked up the book read the description on the back and for the $3.00 that they wanted for it I figured—why not!!! Books, quilting and the internet kept me in a false happiness back then. I really more than anything wanted to escape the life I was living. I thought it would be nice for a change to read about someone else being happy in a relationship. Little did I realize how much Ladd treated Ree is how I really wanted to be treated. His chivalry is what I saw my dad do with my mom over the years. Not to mention what the majority of the men I grew up knowing did for their wives. Even the sons of these men treated the women around them with respect and tenderness. This was something that was absolutely missing from my marriage. The respect, the teamwork, trust and the tenderness.

The day I finished packing up my belongings in my home that I shared with my ex-husband, I left my copy of Ree’s book behind. My thought was maybe the douchebag would learn a thing or to on how to treat a woman if he actually read it. Not to pretend to be what she wanted and then flip the switch to reveal his true colors after he got her completely. Yep, that really happened. It was like being with Jekyll and Hyde to put it politely. If anything maybe his oldest child would read it and hopefully figure out that is how a woman should be treated and truly realize that is how real relationships really do work.

Fast forward to last summer.

I was preparing to become an empty nester. My daughter just graduated from high school and we were getting ready for her college orientation. That’s when I got the friend request on Facebook from TW. My thoughts were; Oh, holy HELL NO!!! Then I thought about it again. We are adults and probably nothing will become of it. He’ll probably be one of those people who spouts political crap and just stalks though to see what other people are doing with their lives. Lord I hope he is not a pervert! A child stalker…etc. Friend quest accepted. I got immediately a “Hi!” But I left him hanging. I wasn’t ready to converse yet. Not after the way we parted 25 yeas ago. It wasn’t pretty.

When I was ready, I responded back with a “Hi, how are you?” TW responded back immediately. We would IM on and off for the next week. I was surprised on how well we hit it off and the conversation continued on. Eventually it came time to meet in person. We did. Needless to say it was a lot different in person than through the IM. I got a very cold reception. I know now that he was protecting himself from having the rug pulled out from underneath him. Apparently another girl that he dated in high school did the same thing of contacting him through social media but ditched him like he ditched her in high school when they met up in person. Yikes! She was only out for revenge. As for myself, I wasn’t out for revenge. I really wanted to see if we were compatible in person as we were online.

After our meet up things were a bit rocky. TW wasn’t sure if I still wanted to be with him and I did. There was just some magnetic force that made me know that he was supposed to be in my life. There was no mistake where he belonged and that Papa was pointing me back to the man I should have always been with. It just took a lot of bumps and mistakes to get back to one another. I knew in my heart not to skip out on him and I was right.

Over nearly the past year TW has shown me tenderness, respect, trust and how to be a team player in a relationship. Much as Ladd has done for Ree. As much as my father has done for my mother. And as much as all the other men I grew up knowing (sons too) for the women in their lives. It makes my heart swell with happiness knowing that I have this beautiful man in my life. Finally I believe we both got it right.

So where does Ree’s book play in all of this?

I was out shopping with my daughter who was home on spring break. I had taken her to one of her favorite book stores in North Olmstead, The Half-Priced Bookstore. I was after Reese Witherspoon’s book; Whiskey in a Tea Cup, which I found for the price that I was willing to pay. Then searching through the cookbook section for any other bargains unfortunately I wasn’t finding any that day. What I did find peculiar was Ree’s novel stuck on the shelves of celebrity chefs. Shouldn’t this book belong in the biography section and not the cookbook section? I thought to myself. But there it was in all of it’s bight colored glory staring me in the face. It didn’t say buy me but I just kept coming back to it. Then I bit the bullet and pulled it off the shelf. For under $8.00 what the heck.

I started reading it at my leisure. Reading it on breaks at work, and then making it my mission to finally make it all the way though to the end. I am glad that I followed the force of nature that kept bringing me back to this book. I am glad to know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say at the end of his radio show. More importantly I am glad to know that I was right. That I am not crazy. That I was not the blame for every problem, and that real men treat their women right. I want to say thanks Ree for sharing your wonderful story to the world. Thank you for reaffirming that real men are attentive, have souls, can love, make a woman feel safe, show her what trust and respect really is. But most of all to show that he is willing to be her partner in crime no matter where life takes them.

Thank you Ree!

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria

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