My Favorite French Bakery in a German Village

Most big cities have a neighborhood that stands out for its uniqueness and Columbus’ German Village is no exception. It does stand out for its quaint cottage like homes toward the Brewery District, ornate homes towards the park, brick streets from out of Europe, and one amazing park with a water fountain where people used to keep themselves cool in the hot summer months.

The village also has a handful of coffee shops to tame that cafe fix. However, with everything German, there is this little French bakery in the mix of it all. It was highly recommended to us by a gift shop owner on Mohawk Street, the same street that a little bar (with the same name) resides on, which supposedly Al Capone used to make bootlegging runs at when passing through Columbus. That’s just hearsay about Al Capone and I can not confirm the truth of it.

Okay I have this thing when food looks like art and its too pretty to eat—I love it! Over all it is not too pretty to eat if you really want to try it. Try it I did with no regrets!

I found a favorite instantly in this little French bakery which is called the Chocolate Bombe. I also found a few beautiful runners up but I am willing to try more. It is a personal thing on my chocolate favoritism.

I have had their coffee, its pretty good. I like that they now list allergens on their menu. Which is great for my kiddo and any one else that suffers food allergies. Nothing like wanting to have some beautiful food and not being able to eat it. Where can you find them in the Greater Columbus area of German Village? Oh, they also have another location in the Short North neighborhood too at the North Market. Okay here is the link to this very swanky French bakery. I hope you get a chance to visit, and I hope you get to love it as much as I do.

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria

PS. They have macaroons and croissants! Wouldn’t be a French bakery without them! Just thought that I would mention that. It’s an FYI thing.

So is this (an FYI thing)…

PSS. You can not play in the water fountain in the park any more to cool off on those hot summer days. Bummer, I know right!

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