A Little Sausage Haus in Columbus

Among the brick streets, the park and quaint homes in the very ethnic founded neighborhood of German Village we discover a French bakery via recommendation. We also by recommendation were advised to experience the sausage haus.

Growing up with a German heritage it is no surprise that the majority of my childhood dinners were German based. Yep, sauerkraut and sausages were a staple in our household. Matter of fact when TW first ate over at my parents house that is exactly what my mom was cooking that day. She offered the sauerkraut and TW politely passed. Sauerkraut is his least favorite food to eat.

As for the sausage haus in German Village, it was a great experience. The restaurant is designed to be exactly like the ones you would find in Germany. Cramp, cozy and busy. Man oh live is it busy!

If you have the time and find yourself in the quaint neighborhood of German Village do stop by this little sausage haus for a German cuisine experience. Oh, and don’t be surprised not to find a place to park and that the restaurant has a wait. It s very popular place to go to in Columbus.

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