Chasing Fairy Doors in Dublin

Over the weekend my mom and I went to visit my daughter for her last hurrah of her first year of college. She only had one more final remaining for this week so a nice change in the studying routine was needed.

No hold on…that’s a bunch of malarkey.

Actually we were there to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We hijinks her off of campus and stole her away to Dublin. Ohio not Ireland. Yes, the town was named after the one in Ireland. The surveyor who mapped out the area was from Dublin, Ireland and it was said that the area reminded him of his home town—aka: Dublin.

Our mission that day was to discover all the fairy doors of Dublin.

This is a life sized one. It is an example of what to look for in the pint sized ones though out town at the designated shops you are to find these doors at.

Like this one which is located right in the visitor’s center of Dublin.

How is the trail game played?

First you stop in at the Dublin Visitor’s Center, pick up your own Irish Fairy Door Trail map and go to each store or business that is involved. Find the door in each participating business and then write down the name that is on each door onto your card. When your card is completed with all the names, your name and address, and t-shirt size (you will get your t-shirt in the mail), return to the visitor’s center and drop it in the Fairy Door slot.

When my mom told me about the Irish Fairy Doors of Dublin, I was game. I also thought it was a clever way to discover Dublin along with getting folks into their shops. Majority of the shops on the list are food related.

A lot of them are sweets and ice cream related. There is one coffee shop, one tea shop, one is also a toy shop and the remaining shops are clothing related. In the photo above they had bourbon chocolate cherry cordials and the bourbon was not shy! The cup cakes were phenomenal! I loved the raspberry cup cakes over the orange dream sickle ones. From what I gather a lot of folks love this place! I had a lady jokingly try to take my box from me while we were on the trail. Oh, I wasn’t offend. She did it in a very non shocking adorable way and it made me laugh.

None of the shops on the list were a disappointment, and I tried to buy something small and somewhat inexpensive from each shop because that is the purpose of this trail is to get folks to buy from each store. Unfortunately there were some places like the clothing stores that I did not make a purchase.

The one thing that did get to me from a few of the stores, if you did not buy something, the proprietor got a little upset with you. Okay, I get it. The whole ploy of the trial is to get people in to the doors and shop. However, when you hit your second ice cream place or sweet shop you have had enough of the junk food and you’re done buying. However, as one of the clothing shop owners had said to us, “A lot of the moms do this tail with their young kids and they might not buy from us while on the trail but they do come back when they do not have their kids!” Personally I thought she had a pretty healthy positive statement because I felt the same way. If I didn’t buy something while on the trail, at least I now know your business exist, and I just might come back.

So if you are looking for something to do and don’t mind to shop, do some walking in a pair of comfortable shoes, cross a river, and discover a little town on the northwest side of Columbus, the Irish Fairy Door Trail of Dublin just might be for you! I have to say it was fun, we ran into a lot of great people with wonderful personalities and now I am waiting for my free t-shirt to come in the mail.

As alway full of malarkey,

Alex Victoria

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