From Dublin to the Lane Avenue Bridge

I mention the other day that we chased Irish Fairy Doors in Dublin but there are a few things that I left out from that post that I wanted to share with y’all today.

There is one thing that I noticed in my photos is that we never seem to catch a sunny days here in this state. You would think that we were in Washington and that we are galavanting around Seattle instead of Columbus. Nonetheless, the one thing that I have learned about discovering Columbus is how much it can be so versatile as in metropolitan and so rural at the same time. I believe that is why I really love this city. Yes, there are a few corn fields (real and concrete) in the city limits and a couple of rivers as well. This one is the Scioto River and it runs the entire length of the city.

This is one river I really want to kayak on some day. However, there is a catch. They city has placed dams along the way to prevent flooding. So as far as I know I can not paddle down the entire river without having to stop, get out and relaunch. All the same I became inspired even before I had a kayak to paddle this river after crossing this same bridge and spotted a fisherman in a canoe making his way up the river. Some day I tell myself, some day I will paddle on this river!

Cornhedge. Some how by fluke we came what is officially known as Field of Corn. Locals affectionately call it Cornhedge so I have read.

When we first drove by it, it was like an ah-ha moment— There’s where that infamous field of concrete corn is! I remember folks joking about it when it was first installed. Now a days the jokes, ya just don’t hear about them anymore. Personally when we passed the Field of Corn, I had mixed feelings about it. I thought artistically it was pretty cool but I couldn’t help to think of it more as a military graveyard with the corn as head stones. Kind of eerie if you ask me but you didn’t.

The next day we adventured toward the other side of town which lead to capturing some photos of downtown in the process.

We ended up at one of our old haunts in German Village that is usually crowded so I walked outside to get some air.

As I looked out from the porch of the bookstore. I suddenly was reminded that it was Sunday, a cold rainy spring day but a rare day to be off from work and felt blessed.

Believe it or not, I actually do miss going to church. I think Papa understands. I’ve got to take care of the important things in my life so going to church will have to wait.

As I was standing on the porch the coldness of the day was starting to register and nature decided to call. The bookstore does have a restroom with a catch. You have to get a key from the register and then make your way to the toilet. It’s a bit of a stretch that I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with. Especially on a busy day. So I texted my daughter my whereabouts then headed over to the coffee shop next door, ordered a chi latte, and then found the ladies room while my latte was being made.

I eventually made my way back grabbed my latte and found a place to sit while I waited on my mom and daughter to emerge from the bookstore. During my wait I got to hear an entire family speak in French, watch passerbyers go by, and embraced what this part of city life is like. This my friends is what you see on TV and in the movies, its not part of my daily life, and I loved it!

Eventually my mom and my daughter made their way to the coffee shop and we sat there trying to figure out our next adventure on this cold and rainy day. We came up with nothing. So we left and headed towards the car that’s when I saw a photo moment and started to reach for my phone. Crap, not in my pocket. Crap, not in my purse. Crap, crap, crap! Then I realized that I left it in the coffee shop. I hasten back to the coffee shop and didn’t by all means not to hold the door for another patron as I was coming in with me. I found my phone still on the table where we were sitting and tuned to apologize to the patron I didn’t hold the door for. She looked at me as though I was crazy.

I walked out of the coffee shop and met up with my mom and daughter, got in the car and we started driving north to nowhere. With my mom driving I could finally see the sites of Columbus a lot better. I found a few places that I have been trying to find but end up going in circles trying to find them. Eventually my mom asked if anyone was hungry and the vote was unanimous. With a little bit of back tracking we wound up going to a place that she wanted to try before but avoided because of the hour wait.

When we arrived there was not wait and we were seated right away. I will say this; out of all the placed that we at over that weekend this place had the best service and food. So yes, I would come back again and here is the link in case you want to try it too.

After leaving the restaurant we headed to another bookstore that was just down the street which gave us some stalling time before taking my daughter back to campus.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and we crossed over that famous bridge that you see on TV when there are live sporting events happening on campus. Its pretty cool looking when it is lite up at night by the way!

Once back on campus, we cleared out anything that was to be sent home and left my daughter with all the necessary items before coming home after her last final. I know over all, all three of us had a wonderful weekend, and I know that my mom and I made my daughter’s birthday one of the most memorable that she will probably will not ever forget.

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria