Goodbye First Year!

She did it! My daughter made it with flying colors through her first year of college. And I couldn’t be more proud of her! My heart swells with joy and sadness at the same time for her because she grew up a lot this year. Gone now is my high schooler who needed me a lot, however, now she is truly my college student. Yeah, my heart is breaking and joyful, and breaking and joyful—what a conundrum to have.

There is one thing that I couldn’t shake this school year and it has nothing to do with growth. It’s the fact that every time I would pick her up or visit I felt like I was coming to a private school.

I guess it would have to do with the whole drive up, unload, and take off scenario. Also compared to our little country school, this college is a whole lot swankier and bigger. I am still waiting for that whole private school thing to shake off. It probably will next year. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see.

I will say the one thing that we did during finals week which was smart was to pack up all of her things that she didn’t need last week and bought them home. It really helped when we picked her up this week. Yes, I know not every student has that luxury. On the flip side my daughter now knows what not to bring back for her second year.

She realized that having all of her comforts from home are great but there is just not enough room in a dorm room to hold it all. Over all aside from the excessive stuff that she had her first year of college was truly an experience she will not forget. I asked her at lunch today what her best experience was from this year? She told me that she could not think of just one at the moment. We joked and said that we know what her worst experience was… the roommate from hell. Luckily she was able to move and had a wonderful roommate for the rest of the school year.

From a parent’s point of view. I have to say that this year flew by faster then her senior year of high school. I believe because we were so busy that there was not a slow moment to account for. I also believe that she chose the right college. On top of it all I also believe that she had a good first year experience. I know that I did as a parent. I liked how the school kept me informed of things going on, on campus. I like that they do run a tight ship despite the size of the school. I liked that they encourage balance of life to their students. —Yes, you are here to get an education but please do discover our city too! Even as a parent I got to discover the city more than I have ever done so as a child.

So goodbye year one it was great experience all around and we’ll see you again as a second year in August!

Lots of Love,

Alex Victoria

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