Retro Restoration

Last month I was given a lead by my dad on a 1950’s kitchen table and chairs set which was to be sold at an auction over an hour away from where we live. As my nerves get to the best of me at there things I was hoping that it was in good condition (it was), that the bids would run high (they didn’t), that the bids not exceed what I wanted the set for (they didn’t), and that I would win it (I did).

The one thing I did notice was despite how well the condition of this set was, it was in need of a good cleaning.

Now that the weather has started to warm up around here and I have some time before our move, I figured that it was time to clean this set up. So with a little bit of ingenuity, three grades of steel wool, a pair of leather gloves and some elbow grease it was time to get this going!

Once suited up and all gear in hand. Oh, I forgot to mention that a flathead screwdriver, a socket wrench, a vice grip with a work bench totally makes cleaning up this set so much easier. I also forgot…good music. Not the radio which only plays a twelve song rotation every hour. Nope, good chosen songs to make the work go faster.

Unfortunately for me every time someone would walk out to the garage an explicit song would be on. Well, what I consider explicit such as…”Two trailer park roundy outside— so empty without me or shoup—how does it hang?” Yep, great songs for my mostly conservative parents to hear. Too bad they couldn’t walk by when, “Always be humble and kind or sit’n by the dock of the bay waste’n time” would roll right through those speakers. Such is life!

Aside from the badly timed random songs being played, I had a bigger challenge of rust, corrosion and mold! Just what you really want to bring into your kitchen…right? I know I don’t! With a little bit of elbow grease this rust fest turned from…

…this! Purdy ain’t it!

Incase ya missed it, here is a comparison photo.

Yep, the same one as before only cleaned up. It is not 100% because I am not going to get arid of years of corrosion or areas that are not left open to rust again. Nonetheless, it is 100% better than it was moments before.

Oh, I also had a work companion for a little while at least. He was more interested in bird watching than helping out.

I do have a lot more work a head of me on this restoration. So for now I have each chair in a finished pile until I can find new screws that are not rusted, and new chair leg covers.

I also have to clean up the upholstery on these chairs too. They are pretty caked on with dirt, and mildew. More dirt than mildew. All the same they need clean before entering my soon to be kitchen!

So far so good on the whole cleaning up process. Honestly at first I didn’t think that this set would clean up as nice as it has. Got to credit to ingenuity and elbow grease. Otherwise….

They would still look like —yuck-ick and not swanky and polished. I like swanky and polished! Not to mention able to be food safe when entering my soon to be kitchen! Anyway the work still continues on!

Oh, new sign off by they way because I realized that someone else who is kind of famous uses “Lots of Love” to sign off from their post. I knew I heard it from some where and couldn’t figure out where. Now I know. So I am trying this one out….

Be victorious, be your best self,

Alex Victoria

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