Authenticity, Fandoms and Other Nagging Thoughts

When the Magnolia Journal first appeared on newsstands the idea of it didn’t thill me until I actually picked up a copy and was impressed. I love the down to earth approach to their magazine! The thing I have taken notice is how they theme the issues. For example this past issue for spring is all about authenticity. For example this past issue for spring is all about authenticity.

After reading the articles on authenticity it got me to thinking about what makes a person authentic. I often struggle with this. Not because I am not genuine, its just how much do you share of your personal life? I am pretty quiet and reserved in person. And like Joanna, I offend get dismissed as being snobbish. This might seem odd but the reserved part of me is why I struggle sharing too much of my personal life. The question is when I write, do I or don’t I? I tend to walk the tight rope on this one between letting some of it out but not really. It comes down to safety of my family, I will put my family first.

It’s not a secret that I share my fandoms here and I know my favorite blogger has her entire life plastered on her site which has worked out great for her. However, for me there is a fine line of that over sharing thing. I know first hand that I could never please or entertain the same audience. When it comes down to it, what makes me a fan of hers? For starters, I love her website set up. All those multiple blogs under one address. Sign me up please! Ah hold that thought…before you act on my behalf, I’ll sign myself up on that one. Thanks! What else makes me a fan? I love her stories! She is actually funny which really surprised me. Because I used to interpret her stories a little differently back in the day. Which is why I ask, How do you keep your writing attention grabbing without being solely accused of being whiny? Even with my fandom, I have some turnoffs about my favorite blogger. To answer fairly, it is tricky to say because people read or interpret things differently. I am a prime example of that in both the sense of my own writing and my own interpretation of someone else’s writing. To one person I or another writer might be the most hilarious person on the planet, to another I or another writer might come across as complaining, whiny and spoiled acting. The attention grabbing issue also depends on the reader as well. I know I have my own stories that can rank right up there but it just how much am I willing to share and how do I catch your eye within the first paragraph of my writing and keep your interest.

How do you know what you are writing isn’t going to hinder a possible job opportunity? I recently have had this happen where I believe this blog actually hindered a great opportunity. It was advised to me from a career counselor to start writing again and get this site on your resume. Unfortunately the way a few of my post were written I felt that I was not truly being authentic. If you are not being you people can tell. So can a potential employer. It also didn’t help that I made a complete mess of myself at the same time by scrambling around getting things together while begging for a chance to even apply when the job had clearly closed. I have to say that even though I was reject, I thought that the potential employer was petty amazing with their conduct and responses. They handled themselves in a professional manner. Something I had not been getting from all my other rejections. Yep, one email said, “Job is taken.” No HR, no email address, no nothing. So I don’t know who I got rejected from.

How much can you be you without having consequences? This is such a cliche answer. Its a chance you just have to take. Life is full of risks. For example marketing is a wide rage field to pursue. From my perspective there are the calculations of logistics and analytics. Then there is the unpredictable sales spectrum but for me its the creative end of marketing. Thanks to the rolls of Peggy Olsen and Don Draper, I pursued this field. Little did I realize at the time that I should have been pursuing an English degree instead to be a copywriter. Alas, I now know better. Back to my point at hand the creative end of marketing to me is all about taking the risk feeling your way around, following your gut instinct and listening to your client(s) to know which direction to peruse to be successful with the end result.

But why even put yourself out there on the internet whether its a blog or vlog especially if you are a reserved person? I would have to say it’s more about being heard. At least it is in my case. I want to share my knowledge, and stories. Just because I am the youngest child, I am not seeking attention. My parents gave me plenty of it when I was growing up and that’s why my older sibling most of the time despises me. As for other folks, its attention or maybe self gratification out of the responses they are receiving. Since I cannot personally speak for them, I don’t know first hand. Thinking more about it now from the time when blogs and vlogs started a lot of folks had one big example to follow as how to be a great success. That was to let every aspect of your own personal life hang out there with no privacy left behind. You pretty much had to sell your soul to be heard! Now a days its more about the knowledge you have and how well you conduct yourself while passing on that knowledge. I have to say that there is nothing wrong with telling a story or two about yourself so that others out there get to know the real authentic you. So as long as you don’t regret telling that story. It goes back to that old adage of think before you post!

So here is the real here in my world as of late. It has been quiet here for over a week because of work and because I have started packing. I am excited for the move. I am excited to be closer to my current job. I am looking forward with being with TW on a daily bases. I am excited how we are planning out our 812 square feet living quarters and our lives together. I know I have said this before, I am excited and looking forward to cooking in my own kitchen. Even if it is small and has no storage space. I will adapt! I am also excited about a few other things that I have in the works that will eventually come out later. In the mean time here is a food photo from my daughter. It is a lot of fish, cheese and reindeer jerky that she and her dad shared while in Norway.

Yep, my kid got one of those once in a life time trips to Europe with her dad, and she had a wonderful time. Even though I unleashed the ugly mom cry (the cry that makes your mascara run and snot comes out of you nose uncontrollably) as I usually do when she leaves for a long periods of time, it was fun to follow her with her itinerary and receive a few very brief FaceTime calls with a panoramic view of her then location.

Being my authentic self,

Alex Victoria

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