Settling In

It is hard to believe that TW and I have been in our new place for a month now and the dust of the moving hype is finally starting to settle. We both agreed the next time we move it will be a slow gradual move if we can help it. I don’t know about any of you but I haven’t met a person yet who loved to pack, move and unpack.

We found our place through an online search and for months it was all about cost and square footage. Our move into this small city was more on an economical level. Being closer to my current job has saved gas in my car. It’s been almost a month since I last filled up my tank. That’s a far cry from the almost two week to weekly fill up. Being closer to a grocery store or any of the major big box stores has been wonderful. There is a lot less of stressing over a preplanned what we need list because of how long of a drive it takes to get to a store. Nonetheless we are more aware of how many trips we are making to a store and our saying lately has been, “Next paycheck we will get that!” Plus the move into the city is way cheaper now a days than trying to live where we grew up. The expense of living in the country has gotten to be astronomical. The houses out there keep getting bigger while the community aspect keeps getting smaller.

TW and I both grew up five miles apart in a rural community where the people there are predominantly white. Our new neighborhood is integrated interracially but predominantly black. Before you get your panties in a twist, I am okay with it or I wouldn’t have moved here. This new neighborhood has surprised me in a lot of positive ways. The people here are about being apart of their community. There is a barber shop on one of the corners where men hang out, dad’s play catch with their sons, and kids of all ages walk the streets while hanging out with their friends and they are not looking for trouble. Younger children who have gained a little bit of independence ride their bikes up and down the street in front of their homes while either parent keeps an eye on them. It is almost as if the digital age has never existed here. It also reminds me of how life was when I was little…. simple.

Now that we are just about settled into all of our 812 square feet living space, I can say my favorite room happens to be the kitchen. It’s nice to wake up, go downstairs and to see something that reflects a lot of who I am. It has gotten to be my happy place and for me life revolves around a kitchen.

The only appliance I have had a hard time with is our stove. It is electric! I shall say no more. The first week of living here you really would have thought I never have cooked a day in all my life. I actually ruined spaghetti! Yep, spaghetti of all things! Don’t worry this electric stove and I have come around to some understanding terms. I have the understanding that it will never hold a touch to a gas stove and I have to be more patient while it takes its sweet time heating up. Other than that, we are on great terms!

As far as the rest of my kitchen goes, it is simple. Its not anywhere near being a high end top of the line, etc. type of kitchen but I absolutely love it! I just wish it had a double sink though. Again I love its simplicity!

Now that we are finally settling in and TW and I are getting used to each other’s routines there will have more regular posts. I am excited see how things evolve. I am excited to have finally picked a topic to run with and I am hoping for the best. I do know one thing that is for sure — It feels so good to be able to relax, to enjoy our own place, and to be ourselves. Ahhhh yep, I feel better already!

Go about life Victoriously!


Alex Victoria

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