The Explosive 4th

For those or I should say for all patriotic Americans….Happy Fourth of July!

Our city had their fireworks last night and for TW and I we are just going to celebrate today quietly. Well, on one exception. We were invited to attend one of my co-worker’s 4th/daughter’s birthday party. Her birthday girl turns ten today. It seems like ages since I had a ten year old. I can’t believe it was just a decade ago. And yes, my co-worker is going though those same mom feelings as I did —-My baby is no longer a little girl. OMG we’ve hit the preteen years! Oh God, please let her be an easy going teen! I did luck out with my kiddo being an easy going teen. Well, until she hit college. Then it was, “Mom you’re embarrassing me!” I just hope the same for my co-worker on having an easy going teen and never have to know what it is like to have the hurt of being told you are embarrassing. Truth be told I believe every parent goes though this stage with their child. Some just hit it earlier than others.

Anyway, I have only known of one other person who has had their birthday on the Fourth of July. My cousin who is about six years younger would look forward to seeing the firecrackers because he thought (when he was little) that they were celebrating his big day. Back then it was annoying (don’t blame me, I was just a punk kid) it was thinking back on it how…its actually adorable to think that he thought the fireworks displays were just for him. Truthfully I can blame him for thinking that the fireworks were just for him. How many people do you know who are lucky enough to have their birthday on the Fourth of July?

Again Happy Fourth of July!

Go though life Victoriously!



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