Hillbilly..Pizza..Cowboy..What Kind of Lasagna?!?!?!?

Like most families out there our time to converse the most is around the dinner table. We tell the stories of our day and then ask the questions of what is on our minds. As always the most asked question towards the end a meal, “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?” The typical answer is usually I don’t know. That’s usually the answer I hear, however, ever since the move with TW, its not the answer I have been hearing lately.

When TW and I were dating our conversations were long (that hasn’t changed) and from those conversations I knew he was more prone towards meat and potatoes, more meat than anything when it comes to food. He referred to the type of cooking he was raised on as the hillbilly style. Even his mom refers to it that way as well. Yes, I have had her cooking and she does quite fantastically well. In other words I have no complaints about the food she makes. What is hillbilly style cooking? It is down right all American homestyle cooking. Comfort food at its best if you will. Pretty much the same style of food I believe we all grew up with such as casseroles, pasta bakes, meat & potatoes and so on. When our conversation about food in general came up during dinner one night lasagna was briefly the topic.

I haven’t mentioned to TW how I cooked my lasagna but he wasn’t shy about telling me how he like his lasagna to be, which would be the hillbilly style with pepperoni. He had told me that his mom found a recipe called; Hillbilly Lasagna made with pepperoni, sausage and ground beef. I couldn’t help it, I looked straight at TW and said, “That sound more like a pizza lasagna!” No, Hillbilly! He said. I just let it go after that. So knowing what I about making lasagna knew the next pay check I would picked up the ingredients for “Hillbilly Lasagna” or aka: Pizza Lasagna or whichever you want to call it.

After the next paycheck did roll around I picked up the oven ready noodles, the cheeses, the Italian sausage, etc. I started to cook this lasagna on the fly with a few references from the internet because I am a bit rusty due to the fact that I haven’t cook a meal of my own in five years. I did make a few mistakes such as using all the mozzarella cheese in with the ricotta and egg mixture when I should have set some aside for the topping. No worries, I had sliced provolone in the fridge to cover that. My oven ready noodles wouldn’t cook up in the oven after the recommended 30 minute bake time that I had found online. Turns out I had forgotten it took about an hour’s time instead. I should have listened to my instinct on that one. One hour kept screaming in my head by that little voice that we all have.

A quick side story. Growing up my mother used ricotta cheese in her lasagna. I, obviously do the same. I can’t imagine lasagna without it. Shockingly enough there are people out there who don’t even use it at all. TW before eating my lasagna kept his protest of how he couldn’t stand the stuff because it is flavorless. Turned out that he ate someone’s lasagna that didn’t any spices to the cheese mixture. You’ve got to add spices or it will not have any flavor! That’s just my opinion! Oh, but you didn’t ask it. Moving on!

Okay so my timing was off and I mean really off especially with mixed variations of time given to me by the good folks here online. One hour did pass and my oven ready noodles were al dente enough to eat. It wasn’t the prettiest lasagna I had ever made but in the end it turned out just fine. So much so that TW despite having ricotta phobia he ate three helpings. He wasn’t just hungry, he actually like it! Believe it or not TW like the ricotta in my lasagna. So no more ricotta phobia when it comes to lasagna for TW. At least when it comes to my lasagna that is.

Toward the end of our meal TW looks up and says to me, “This is actually called Cowboy Lasagna. Mom had found the recipe on Pinterest. It’s by that Pioneer Woman.” Close. Its actually by Tisha Yearwood who debuted it on Food Network in 2012. Wow. Here I thought it was a new thing surfacing the internet. My thoughts on it. I thought it was a nice change up from a classic tradition. Next time, I am adding my beloved veggies to one side or just making it a supreme style.

Go about life Victoriously


Alex Victoria

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