One Core, Two Core

When I entered into the world of food service I had some knowledge which was taught to me by my mom of how to cook and prep. My very first job is where I picked up almost all of my skills that I carry with me today. Such as don’t put a metal pan in the microwave (oops! At home we didn’t have metal pans) or walk with your knives down by your side (who would have thought that one at home) and announce that you have one because getting stabbed or accidentally slicing someone is not exactly fun. Unless you are into that kind of thing. I personally hope that you are not because we can be friends of you are.

Aside from learning times, temperatures, what kind of spices pair well together there are the tools of the trade. One of those tools that I have loved from day one is a simple tomato corer.

Or a corer is what I’ve always known it to be. It also known as a hauler too in case you want to order one online. By the way they are inexpensive to purchase. I believe I bought mine for around $6.00 for a pack of 12. It might be a bit excessive to buy that many but let me tell ya these little corers are just like ink pens, ya buy a big bundle and before you know it they are gone.

So how do you use a corer?

Simple so as long as your hands and wrist are pliable you’re good to go.

Start with placing the bottom of the tomato in the palm of your hand and hold with your fingers away from the core. Kind of like you would hold a baseball for a knuckleball pitch. With the other hand, gently dig the corer along the side of the tomato’s core.

Once the corer is dug in be sure to have the corer slightly under the tomato core. Then with your thumb lightly placed on top of the tomato’s core, twist (circle) the corer around the tomato’s core while still holding the tomato in your other hand. Kind of like you would twist off a bottle cap from a bottle.

Once the tomato’s core is free, pull out the tomato’s core which will look a bit cone shaped.

Yes, you will have a big gaping hole in your tomato but now your will not have the core to deal with. So why is this process worth the trouble? Because it is all about waste and efficiency. At home we do not think much of cutting off the top of a tomato to get arid of the core then discarding the top. By using a corer we save on an extra slice of tomato and not have any excessive waste. For what you threw away to avoid the tomato’s core, it could have gone onto a sandwich or what it is you are making with that tomato.

I will caution one thing about this corer is that when a core is stubborn the corer may slip. I had this happen to me once and ended up cutting my thumb from the teeth of the corer. The teeth of the corer are not sharp to the touch but if you are trying to force the corer through like I did, that’s when you will have a nice cut on your thumb. It looked like some critter bit me until my thumb healed.

On the exception of that one mishap I really love this little gadget and it is great for coring/hauling strawberries too!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love ya Victoriously!

Alex Victoria

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