Shed Ivy

Last weekend TW and I went to a sound system debut hosted by TW’s friend Jim. The same Jim I asked to play Don’t Call Me Al by Paul Simon on New Years Eve. Then absolutely caught him off guard with my song request. What? What do you mean, don’t call you Al? Your name is Alexandria after all! Yep, that friend Jim!

The new system for Jim’s DJ service sounded amazing and everyone there had a great time. And I have to throw this in for good measure that the food was good too. Jim had another friend cook up his stuffed shells and baked spaghetti. Not bad y’all. Not bad at all!

What did catch my eye while this entire party was going on, was the shed in Jim’s backyard. To me it made a perfect photographic moment. The light and the time of day was just right. So if you are a photographer at heart you know exactly what I am talking about. To imagine the scene a little bit more Jim lives in the city too. His backyard, like most city backyards here in America which are super small and contains a storage shed which I believe has been on this property since the turn of the last century (the 1900’s). It is neglected and on the exception of the door and the single window the building is covered over with big lush climbing ivy. I couldn’t help myself I just had to take a photo.

After touching it up in Lightroom I then took this photo over to photoshop.

I have to admit that it look equally stunning in black and white. However, Photoshop has this amazing feature to put color and black & white together.

Out of the three, the last one is the one I love the most. It reminds me that even though I moved to the city—there will always be a little bit of the countryside sneaking around the corner. Even in small backyards in the middle of the city.

Love Victoriously,

Alex Victoria

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