Oh Stubbs, You Are For Real!

Towards the end of fall semester of 2018 I had a rather large marketing assignment in my sales class that involved writing a skit and preforming the skit (I asked TW to help me with this part) via video selling Stubb’s BBQ products to a fictitious restaurant in San Diego, California. The skit was well written however, TW and I will be keeping our day jobs because actors via a script we are not. If it is improv… sign us up! Yep, Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller (Deadpool) ain’t got nothing on us! Right angry avocado?!?!?!

Anyway. The assignment came and went and I receive a good grade. TW on the other had said to me to find some one else if I ever have to do this video stuff again. No problem love, no problem. Nonetheless during this entire assignment like every other assignment I really didn’t think much of the product being real (even though TW’s mom did briefly mention that she thought that she had seen Stubbs in the grocery store). Most assignments are based on fictional companies with fictional products. Not this time and I felt foolish when I discovered that Stubb’s BBQ products were a real thing. If I had known that this product was the real deal, I would have researched it to the ends of the earth. Knowing it back and forth and everywhere in between.

How did I find out it was for real? After our move we obviously needed groceries. As I was walking down the isle for some worcestershire sauce my eyes glazed over all the other items on the shelves as I passed by until something epic caught my attention. Well I’ll be damned… would you know it? Who would have guessed! Load and behold there they all were. Yep, every single Stubbs BBQ product on the shelf right next to the worcestershire sauce.

I stopped where I stood and started reading over every label I read about in my assignment. My script I wrote went through my mind and I had to chuckle of how this Northern Ohio woman tried to describe/sell every type of Texas BBQ style to said potential imaginary customer in San Diego. It was kind of like putting a square peg in around hole. What do I know about Texas BBQ. Not much. Except that people argue over it of who is the best of the best, etc. Not to mention how good it is via the different regions of Texas. Since I’ve never had it, I’ll take their word on it. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had BBQ before. There isn’t any specific style or award winning pit master thing going on around here. Quite frankly it depends on the cut of meat and how much time we have to fuss with it.

A few weeks after that stroll down the grocery isle which lead me to seeing the real thing I found Stubbs again in another grocery store. This time I picked up a bottle and some boneless pork ribs. A few days later I placed the ribs covered with Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon BBQ sauce in the crockpot on low for eight hours. Once the ribs were done cooking TW fired up the grill with some wood charcoal (not wood chips) to finish them off. Let me tell ya, it was all worth it. Between the slow cooking in the crockpot (which made the ribs tender), the tanginess of the sauce and pair it all together with the smoke from the wood charcoal made the boneless ribs pretty amazing.

I guess the next burning all exclusive inquiring minds want to know…Would I buy Stubb’s again? Actually yes. TW really liked the sauce and I wouldn’t mind adventuring on with more of their products. Until then…

Love Victoriously,

Alex Victoria

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