Too Close

Last Sunday was one of the scariest moments for me as a parent. At 1:42 am I was awaken by the most strangest sound coming out of my cell phone. It wasn’t part of the normal symphonic sounds that would normally chime from my phone. This sound was hard to describe but foreign enough to wake me out of my slumber.

As looked over on the nightstand my phone kept lighting up and out of my groggy vision I read the text that said; ACTIVE ATTACKER REPORTED ON OSU COLUMBUS CAMPUS. RUN, HIDE, OR, AT LAST RESORT FIGHT! POLICE RESPONDING. MORE INFORMATION SOON. ACTIVE ATTACKER REPORTED ON COLUMBUS CAMPUS!

It took a few moments to sink into my weary tired mind that something such as this was so close to home.

Within seconds I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching these text messages pop up. The first thing I did was to call my daughter. Call denied. Then I texted. She responded…NOT NOW! I AM OKAY, I AM IN MY ROOM! THE DOOR IS LOCKED! I AM HIDING!

ME: Okay. Stay safe!

(Thank God she is okay and safe)

ME: Where is your roommate?

DAUGHTER: She was at a party.

DAUGHTER: I just texted her and she is hiding.

ME: Okay. Keep me posted please!

As more texts popped up, more information did come. The attack happed at the McDonald’s parking lot across the street from campus. It ended up being a one on one attack where the victim (not a student) as shot in the thigh. The only description of the attacker (also not a student) at that time was the shooter was wearing a cowboy hat and a black hoodie. He was running east and they lost him in the neighborhood right behind the McDonalds.

Now why was a mass alert sent out?

  • Because for one the safety of the students come first no matter how minuscule an attack is.
  • For two a lot of the students live off campus and in the neighborhood that the shooter disappeared into.

Am I offended of the actions of the campus for something so small? Absolutely not! This is one campus that doesn’t play around. They proved that during the 2016 car ramming/knife stabbing attack when a student went on a rampage over his frustration of not having any places to pray and claiming the attack as in the name of ISIL. He was eventually taken out by campus police with shots to the chest and a single bullet to the back of the neck, which is an Israeli military tactic that is not taught by Uncle Sam. Because of that tactic, more lives were spared from harms way!

I don’t care where you stand on gun control or what your political views are. At the end of the day when something like this happens, the only thing that matters is knowing if your loved ones are safe. So you could probably imagine when I turned on the television last night and the first videos on YouTube were about the shooting that happened in Midland, Texas. Another shooting was the first thing TW said. Yah, another shooting I responded with. I guess the question that keeps going through my mind is when are people going to step and take responsibility for their actions before resorting to such extremes?

My prayers and condolences for the folks in Midland, Texas.

Alex Victoria

PS: I asked my daughter a day later if she was doing okay after the fact and how was the mood on campus. She said that she was fine and that the mood on campus was business as usual.

PSS: If you want to know more about the Columbus shooting OSU’s The Lantern has up-to-date articles on the incident.

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