Oh, Lemons!!!!

You know that old saying; “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

I am there.

I am not going to divulge what it is that has me frustrated and discouraged and feeling like….uggh, but after reading an article on LinkedIn on my lunch break this afternoon, I now know that I am not the only one out there in this same predicament. I know that I have to make do with what I have before me, start another strategic plan of what I am going to do, keep my head up, stay positive and to be grateful for what I have. In the mean time I’ve got a small story to tell that put a bit of a horrifying expression on a couple of my coworker’s faces.

This past Thursday when TW had just left for work, sirens started going crazy and helicopters were not too far behind them. With all the ruckus going on I got out of bed to start my day and just like every morning my bladder informs me of I am going to do first for the day. I made my way to the bathroom do my business, and while I am in the process of my business I could hear a helicopter start to take flight in direction of our apartment complex. My initial thought of the helicopter was along the lines that it will go over just like the airplanes do. Just as that very thought slipped out of my mind I looked up to see that the incoming helicopter didn’t fly over high enough like the airplanes do.

Here is the catch about our bathroom. It has a window built into the shower. It is built in high enough that no one can see anything unless they have a drone —Perverts! Needless to say that this built in window was a concern at first when we moved in but we’ve gotten used to it. TW assured me that because of my vertical height challenge, nobody would ever see me in the shower or doing my business. Boy was he ever proven wrong that morning.

When that helicopter flew over let me tell you I could see them and they sure could see me. Needless to say I was stunned just like a deer starring in a set of headlights. When I finally came to the realization of what was going on I was more mortified than anything. I then felt the humiliation come over me of some one seeing me in this state. Yikes! What the hay hay!

Well what could I do?

Nothing honestly.

I finished my business and everything else I needed to do. And before I left the bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain closed to block the view of the window. Now if I can help it, hopefully there not be another humiliating situation like that again.

When the beginning of my work week started this week, I inquired to all of my surrounding coworkers about what happed over in my neighborhood. That’s when I found out all about the details of the ruckus that took place a couple streets over. Then nonchalantly one of my coworkers stated that the local news from Cleveland was out there. Mind you this station does have a helicopter.

Now life flight helicopters around here are pretty light in their color schemes as most generally are in many areas. However, the local news…their helicopter is not painted all that brightly and needless to say that the one that flew over our apartment wasn’t brightly colored at all. Thinking back to the fly over it occurred to me that when the news helicopter flies, they film their current location at the same time. At that thought I wanted to crawl in a hole and not ever want to leave this apartment at all! Furthermore, I’ll keep myself hidden in that hole holding my security blanket over myself! Then add this experience right up there in a notebook with all of my horrible high school experiences.

Pfffft…yeah right!

If you believe that I’ll buy you some ocean front property in Arizona.

Now for the lemonade.

Labor Day weekend was the first time I have ever made lemonade from scratch.

And I have to say that it turned out pretty good. But why make it from scratch when there are other alternatives out there?

Well, that is a whole other story and it goes like this….

Last summer TW spoke very fondly of his mother’s made from scratch lemonade. He said that it was way better than any store bought product out there plus it was very easy to make. “Take six lemons, water and sugar you have lemonade,” TW told me. I piped up and said just like the kind you find at fairs and festivals? No, TW said, you have to boil the water and sugar together. Not add some water with your sugar topped off with some half freshly squeezed lemon that gets left in the cup. Oh, I said. And I left it there.

As summer ended and became fall, then fall became winter, we for something to do went to a outlet mall, which has a couple of kitchen stores. Of course we perused through them! I that’s when I happen to come across the lemon squeezer from my wishlist of kitchen gadgets and gizmos of plenty. Dinglehoppers are probably somewhere on that list too.

After contemplating back and forth in my mind of buying it, I bit the bullet and purchased the lemon squeezer, and then when I returned home I packed it away for when we made the move to our apartment in the upcoming late spring. TW questioned me of why in the heck I was buying it. I told him that some day I would make him that lemonade his mom made for him in which he was so passionately crazy about.

After the move we did our grocery shopping which involved quite a few trips because there was so much stuff we needed to get and we hadn’t realized all of what we needed. I am sure some quite a few of you out there know what I am talking about. It’s the “Oh, crap…We forgot to get….!” During one of those many trips to the grocery store I picked up six lemons with intentions of making TW his beloved lemonade. As late spring turned into summer and then summer flew on by, those lemons were still in our refrigerator. I thought for sure that they were probably on the brink of going bad. I was wrong. They were still pristine! So it was now or never, I had to make that man of mine his mama’s lemonade which by the way he absolutely loved it!

Now you know the whole story.

Love ya always ever so lemony Victoriously,

Alex Victoria

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