Hanging Six All the Way to Work

Earlier last week I had an extra passenger whom I unknowingly at first hitched a ride with me. Now before you jump to conclusions no there wasn’t a psycho murder waiting for me in my car to take them to where they wanted to go. Instead I had a passenger who hung six on the hood of my car the entire drive into work.

My morning before leaving for work was typical. Normal. When I walk out of my apartment I take in my surroundings to see if there are any psychopaths, murders, anyone of harm or trash pandas. We have a lot of trash pandas by the way. I then do the same search approach before I entering my car. Call it country precaution I guess. “You just don’t know what horrible things are lurking around in the city!” I would often hear from someone much older than myself make that statement when I was younger. I blame it on the local news for not ever having any, very many or lack of positive stories to report. You always hear of someone getting killed, raped, or robbed. Oh, and politics—yack—yuck! I think you got the point.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot of my apartment complex this not so little two inch long cricket made its way on the hood of my car. I spoke softly out loud that this little guy would not make it out of my neighborhood as soon as I accelerated the gas peddle into higher speeds. To my surprise it hung on somehow unaffected by the 35 miles per hour (MPH) acceleration. Then I made it to the main drag of the city. I thought for sure this little guy would be gone before I reached 55 MPH. And again it proved me wrong.

Instead of flying off or tucking itself into some crevice of my car this cricket stayed on the hood of my car the entire ride to work. It made itself hang onto the hood of my car as though it was surfing. Haunched down in a forward stance as though the wind was the ocean and the hood of my car was it’s surfboard, this cricket remained right where it was. As I drove from red light to full speed a few times, this cricket would prepare itself back into wind surfing position and hold on for all it was worth. With it’s antennas whipping in the wind and full determination to stay on the hood of my car we (that cricket and I) made it to work. I personally was astonished by this little creature’s determination to stay grounded when it could have easily given up.

Then I found out why this little guy was so determined to hold it’s stance an endure such high speeds just to make it to “Point B.” After I parked my car and took a quick and not so forgiving photo of this cricket, I had gotten out of my car and load and behold the property at work was nothing but a song of crickets chirping. I realized that I drove this very determined cricket back to it’s home. And since there is no place like home, I couldn’t blame the little guy for hanging on. Yep, there is no place like home!

Clicking my ruby red slippers three time more Victoriously than before,

Alex Victoria

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