One for the Road

This is the fifth installment of The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Challenge

Buttered Rosemary Rolls Recipe No. 17

Rhode’s dinner rolls are a staple in my mother’s house. My mom uses them for every holiday because lets face it they are convenient and one less worry to think about when you (for instance my mom) is the only one making that big holiday dinner.

I’ll tell ya what, it never used to be like that.

When I was growing up my mom would make her own dinner rolls from scratch. She would start them a day or two before the big holiday and on the day of the holiday she would roll out the dough in a circle then cut the circle with a pizza cutter by making slim pizza like slices. Then from the wide end of the that slice she would then roll up that slice in to a shape of a croissant. And let me tell you that they were the best dinner rolls ever!!!

So why did my mom go over to using Rhodes?

Easy. Convenient. Less food waste. Less complaints.

See when my sister and I were little, we were not worried about our waistlines but the minute that our teen years hit…OMG…. “I don’t want to get fat” was the most said thing that probably came out of our mouths and that is a shame because we taught ourselves bad eating habits and in the end we became fat and my now weight is the bane of my current health issue. Which by the way, surprisingly turned out not to be so bad. I went to see a doctor earlier this month, I had a ton of scans done and all my vitals came back good. One of my scans did show that my lymph nodes near my groin area have stopped working and I know that I said that I would keep this quite, however, I think people should know about it because it is a condition that goes either undetected or misdiagnosed. What my body developed is called Lymphedema. It is commonly found with cancer patients who have had their lymph nodes removed or people who have gone under the knife. It can be genetic, it is not prejudice to race or gender but it mostly becomes more prominent to those whom are middle aged. I have learned that even if I loose the weight this is a lifetime condition and like diabetes it can be managed. As of now I am going to physical therapy learning how to manage it. So now you know another reason why I am going through with this crazy cookbook challenge. It’s not all based on TW’s picky hillbilly eating habits. I am a middle aged woman who is fed up with fad diets and all those hooplas that go with them, I like food, I like to eat good food and Ree’s books have a balance and a variety of foods to mix & match so as long as you eat in moderation.

As for those dinner rolls my mom used to make, we would have them for days. My mom use them instead of sandwich bread for our sandwiches where she would pack them in my dad’s lunch for work and our lunches for school. By the second week after a holiday, we were pretty much sick of them and they stared to become hard. Nonetheless, those rolls were the best and will forever remain in my memory because my mom refuses to make them any more.

When I had made the Buttered Rosemary Rolls (Food From My Frontier. Pg. 228) my daughter was up from school visiting to attend the Homecoming/Alumni game at our high school.

With the aroma of the rolls baking she couldn’t wait for them to come out of the oven and cool down. She said to me, “Even though the food at school is good, it has gotten to be redundant! So yes, I am looking forward to something different and from home.” Yes, I can vouch for her that the food on her campus is good but I also see the redundancy and how something that looks like a lot can become so small in choices after a while.

I experienced something different the other day when I went down to visit her. I had chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter whipped frosting. It was amazing and very rich! But oh so good!

Afterwards my daughter toured me around campus and I managed to capture a few photos. My favorite out of the ones I took is the one below because of all the different layers of lighting.

My ultimate favorite photos from my visit were the ones of my daughter playing in the University Band. That is a proud moment for me as a mom because I figured band concerts ended in high school. I never would have thought that she would have picked up music in college. I am glad that she did though because I would have never heard the most amazing music being played or see the composer James Stephenson speak about his music to a crowd of proud parents. Stephenson wrote a piece called, There Are No Words which was written after the Charleston, North Carolina church shooting. It is a complex piece but ends beautifully with intermittent bell chimes to signify each loss of life from that tragedy.

When those Buttered Rosemary Rolls came out of the oven and finally cooled my daughter was the first to grab one. She joked on how colossal they were. It was my mistake, I thought that I had bought Rhodes Dinner Rolls, instead I bought the loaves of bread. You what to know what? It worked out just fine. What I did was to divide the two loaves in to fourths and then set them in the dish, then baked them off. So if you are looking for colossal dinner rolls this holiday season, do what I did with the bread loaves. And if you happen to have leftovers, these rolls (made from the bread loaves) would make the perfect bread to make sandwiches with. Or in my daughter’s case, one to take for on the road back to school and me praying constantly for her safety and well being.

Thank you for stopping by!

As always go about life Victoriously!

Your friendly Pioneer Woman Cookbook Challenger — AV

PS. Next post: Meatballs, Meatloaf and anything else in that family of meat variety.

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