Them There Leftovers. What To Do With Them?

No matter how big or little the feast there never fails to have leftovers. I can happily say that this Christmas that just passed we had a slice of prime rib leftover and I couldn’t be more rejoiced for it. Thanksgiving on the other hand well…there were them there leftovers that needed to disappear without wasting the money spent into making them. So with a couple of Ree’s suggestions from her holiday book and a couple of recipes from her other books, we made those leftovers disappear without having to throw them out.

Turkey Spring Rolls – Recipe No. 59

This recipe is one of those good ideas to use up left over turkey that I would rather pass on. I, eighty five percent love Asian food. I say that because I am not too overly crazy about hot and spicy foods. To me anything that burns going in and out of my body isn’t something that makes me excited to eat. As for these spring rolls, I adjusted the heat to make them tolerable to eat. I also changed out the leaf lettuce for boiled Napa Cabbage and passed on the alfalfa sprouts. (A Year Of Holidays, page: 294)

Beef Stew – Recipe No. 60

Shepherd’s Pie – Recipe No. 61

With using up the Green Beans & Tomatoes along with the rest of the Mashed Potatoes I couldn’t help but to turn to Ree’s beef stew and shepherd’s pie recipes. They’re kind of a two for one deal that can be found in her Food From My Frontier book. [Beef Stew , page: 165 and Shepherd’s Pie, page: 168] Although the green beans are not added to either recipe, they still work. I also did not use stew meat. Instead I used ground beef. Either way works so as long as both recipes are followed correctly.

I have to say that TW was a little apprehensive of the idea In his mind of Ree ruining two of his favorites because of a few ingredients. He later rejoiced in loving them after he tried them. Winner winner beef dinner!

Leftover Thanksgiving Panini – Recipe No. 62

I may not have had every ingredient to make this panini (A Year of Holidays, page: 292) because TW beat me to the leftovers, however, its the thought that counts. Heck, I don’t even own a panini maker—so I’m good, its not the end of the world. Even though a leftover thanksgiving melt is one of my and TW’s favorites to have after the holiday nothing can beat one of my favorites from a local restaurant around here. If you are from the Cleveland area, you know exactly which restaurant I am talking about—Melt!

Melt specializes in nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches. Let me tell ya, its worth going. Yes, your wallet will be a little lighter and your stomach a bit heavier but so worth it! Especially if you like a leftover Thanksgiving melt and their New Bomb Turkey is just amazing! One thing though is that the New Bomb Turkey only comes out in November.

Turkey Pot Pie – Recipe No. 63

Alls I am going to say is that you can never go wrong with a pot pie. Even if it has turkey in it! TW raved about it. (A year of Hioldays, page: 289)

Before I end this post I wanted to talk about another way to use a leftover.

My parents had some ham leftover from Christmas and sent some home with us. It accrued to me that the ham would be great to use in Huevos Hyacinth.

Huevos Hyacinth – Recipe No. 64

Thank you Hyacinth for such a simple savory breakfast or lunch or brunch or dinner idea. Even if you never meant to have it a leftover dish save. Very good, very good! (The Pioneer Woman Cooks, page: 70)

Okay y’all I am getting there with getting all caught up with this challenge as far as blogging goes. I believe I have three more post and I will be there!

In the mean time go about your life Victoriously!

Love y’all!

Alex Victoria

PS: Ohio State plays Clemson tonight. Alls I have to say is GO BUCKS!

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