Hi! Hello! …Is the Mic On?!?!?!?

Bueller. Bueller. Bueller!!!! Can you hear me? Hello! Is this mic on????

Oh, there you are!!!! How are ya? I hope that you are doing well! For myself, I am feeling like I am having a bad Mrs. Maisel (love that show by the way) moment of hit and miss with these blog post. Anyway about the blog and subject matter. When you write about someone who is beloved as Ree, you don’t cut them down because it reflect badly on you as a writer. Take any negative and throw it out the window. If I have presented anything to be negative in your mind as a reader, I am not going to change your perspective on me as a writer. There are some things that TW and I like from Ree’s cooking and there are some things we don’t. Ree is not out to please everyone’s taste buds. Although like every celebrity she hopes you like everything she does, anyone in her position would be hoping for the same results as well. To put it best we are not going to like everything in her cookbooks but we are willing to try them to see which ones we do like. The thing about doing a challenge like this is that you find out how well the recipe is. Is it really as good as everyone raves?!? Are people really cooking from these books? How expensive is it to make? What are the bugs from these recipes? I can tell you now that it is the cooking times that are off. Doesn’t mean I am putting Ree down for it. It just means I discovered something that she need to address and it makes me wonder why nobody else has discovered it either. With that said, here are nine more recipes from Ree’s books.

Chilaquiles – Recipe No. 65

The Chilaquiles [Come and Get it, page: 8] are a meal you can make for a single person or more. This one was made for just me because TW was working on a Saturday. It’s not a bad idea, and they were different. I couldn’t help but to want to put cinnamon and sugar on the tortilla chips. I didn’t though.

Spaghetti Carbonara – Recipe No. 66

Spaghetti Carbonara [Come and Get It, page: 140] was something we both were excited to try and we did. And we are sorry to say that it will not be on our meal plan any time soon. Just because the both of us did not care for it, I urge for your to try it and to form your own opinion on the dish.

Taco Quesadillas – Recipe No. 67

Can I say home run for these taco quesadillas [Come and Get It, page: 128]. The simpler the meal makes TW’s heartstrings happy. Plus anything taco related is a winner in his eyes.

Pan Fried Pork Chops – Recipe No. 68

PW’s Mashed Potatoes – Recipe No. 69

Roasted Carrots with Vinaigrette – Recipe No. 70

I had gotten to a point in this challenge where making one item at a time from Ree’s books would take me over a year to make. Especially with our lifestyle, etc. So I got smart (I know totally bad English writing there) and starting pulling recipes to make a full meal(s). After all Ree’s books do have the resources to do that. Oh, and TW likes Ree’s mashed potatoes over mine. I use sour cream in my potatoes, and he can not stand sour cream. Ree uses cream cheese instead. [Pan Fried Pork Chops, Dinnertime, page: 156] [PW’s Mashed Potatoes, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, page: 146] [Roasted Carrots with Vinaigrette, Dinnertime, page: 300]

Pawhuska Cheesestakes – Recipe No. 71

Who doesn’t love a good cheesesteak? Okay, there is probably someone out there who doesn’t but they don’t count. Don’t like ’em — Your out! Luckily TW loves ’em! Just the meat and cheese between the bread and he’s a happy man. For myself I need the veggies. It’s not a cheesesteak without the veggies!!!!!

What did I learn from the Pawhauska Cheesesteak [Dinnertime, page: 269]? That the lunch meat is better uncooked (just my opinion) than cooked. Cook the veggies melt the cheese at the very, very end and then build it all together. Makes a great next day lunch that way too.

Sweet Potato Fries -Recipe No. 72

Neither one of us are fans of sweet potatoes. My distaste for them comes from my early childhood. A spoon full of mashed sweet potatoes was scooped up on my baby spoon, then shoved into my mouth and well…I have had no love for them ever since that moment. I would not eat anything orange after that either. Eventually I did eat oranges, and carrots but sweet potatoes are something I am coming around too. With a little bit of research I now know what a good sweet potato should taste like, so now they are not my sworn mortal enemies anymore. Don’t asked me what TW has against them other than they are veggies. As for Ree’s Sweet Potato Fries [Dinnertime, page: 154] they are not bad.

Linguine with Clam Sauce — Recipe No. 73

The one. The only, Linguine with Clam Sauce [The Pioneer Woman Cooks, page: 179]. For those of you who are ultimate obsessed fans of Ree’s, you know this dish well. A dish made to impress a cowboy who wasn’t all that impressed. But his mama taught him some might fine manners and he ate the stuff anyway. It may have not been the dish to seal the deal like engagement chicken did for Harry and Meghan but I believe Ladd was already smitten with Ree before she cooked him this iconic testament of their relationship. Like Ladd, we ate it, we didn’t mind it but I am going to have to improve on the process of the clams. Sand equals poop. Clams need to be rinsed before being added. We clearly now see Ladd’s point of view on this dish.

Go about life Victoriously!

Alex Victoria

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