Change It Up

Damn, I lost ya!

My apologies. I know part of the course of being a good. No. A great blogger is to get involved with your community. It doesn’t help that in real life I am not all the sociable. I’m not horrible but I rather be some where else that to be at a social event. I am terrible at commenting to. I alway feel fake. And there is other unsaid rules that are not talked about. Like no cussing. No wait, cussing is allowed or is it???? Uhhhhhgggg! Yep, the frustration is brewing over these unsaid rules. The question is…do I give up? I say, No. I started this challenge and by God I am going to finish it! With that said, the more I get myself into this challenge the more I just want to change up some of these recipes. TW even ask for some things to be changed up too. For example:

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese — Recipe No. 74

I am finding that a lot of Ree’s recipes are becoming more on the special occasion spectrum. For instance the Lobster Mac & Cheese [Come and Get It, page: 206] is a dish that could break your bank account. Plus hunting down two reasonably priced lobster tails is nearly impossible. I ended up finding them uncooked in the frozen food section of one of our high end grocery stores along with a couple cheeses that I have never heard of and wondered if they were even worth the cost.

Cooking the lobster tails was simple. I just boiled them just like TW asked for, and then made the Mac & Cheese as directed. So what occasion were we celebrating? TW’s birthday. Yes, the expense of the cheese and lobster was worth it And so was the porterhouse that went with the Mac & Cheese and lobster tail!

Chicken (Legs) (and Thighs) & 40 Cloves of Garlic Sheet Pan Supper — Recipe No. 75

I did change this one up just slightly because in this household we like chicken thighs as well. A meal of just chicken legs just needed something more. And I am not really sure that I used 40 cloves of garlic. I may have come close to it but I wasn’t keeping count. [Come and Get It, page: 214]

Shrimp Mango Lettuce Cups — Recipe No. 76

If there is one that that does not survive in our household is fresh produce. I had to pray that when the time rolled around to buy all the ingredients for this recipe that everything would be edible still. I did however, lucked out and found canned mangos over having to buy fresh. I also lucked out to share these with my daughter. We soon realized that lettuce cups are pretty but impractical. [Come and Get It, page 110]

Hawaiian Burger — Recipe No. 77

The Hawaiian Burger [Dinnertime, page: 152] is one burger that I added up eating on my own. Too much weird stuff on a burger for TW. So I made him a colossal cheeseburger instead.

Citrus Salad with Vinaigrette — Recipe No. 78

The Citrus Salad with Vinaigrette [Come and Get It, page: 236] is a very pretty salad. However, it is a salad to make for the new year. Well, at least in our area it is if you want the blood oranges. Grocery stores around here only sell them in January. I couldn’t wait to January to ty out this salad. The up side of this salad is that you can make it for one person or more. If I ever make it again I would get the fruit cups for lunches and drain the juices, then sprinkle on the segments of the oranges and grapefruit.

Potato and Leek Pizza — Recipe No. 79

I was intrigued by such an unusual pizza. After trying it, the goat cheese would go and we would just go with something less pungent. I ended up taking this one into work where it was gone before the end of the day. My coworkers thought it was different and not bad. It rang well with those who love goat cheese.

One more large post to go! Yay!!!!!

Go about life Victoriously!

Alex Victoria

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