Oh Stubbs, You Are For Real!

Towards the end of fall semester of 2018 I had a rather large marketing assignment in my sales class that involved writing a skit and preforming the skit (I asked TW to help me with this part) via video selling Stubb’s BBQ products to a fictitious restaurant in San Diego, California. The skit was well written however, TW and I will be keeping our day … Continue reading Oh Stubbs, You Are For Real!

The Infamous Flag Cake

The Flag Cake is a cake that most of us have come accustom to having on the table at Fourth of July get togethers. It really is unmistakeable with its raspberry stripes and the blueberry star background all nestled in a cream cheese frosting. This ingenious creation was given to us by Ina Garten from the Barefoot Contessa [cookbook: Family Style] which was first featured … Continue reading The Infamous Flag Cake

Hillbilly..Pizza..Cowboy..What Kind of Lasagna?!?!?!?

Like most families out there our time to converse the most is around the dinner table. We tell the stories of our day and then ask the questions of what is on our minds. As always the most asked question towards the end a meal, “What do you want for dinner tomorrow?” The typical answer is usually I don’t know. That’s usually the answer I … Continue reading Hillbilly..Pizza..Cowboy..What Kind of Lasagna?!?!?!?

A Little Sausage Haus in Columbus

Among the brick streets, the park and quaint homes in the very ethnic founded neighborhood of German Village we discover a French bakery via recommendation. We also by recommendation were advised to experience the sausage haus. Growing up with a German heritage it is no surprise that the majority of my childhood dinners were German based. Yep, sauerkraut and sausages were a staple in our … Continue reading A Little Sausage Haus in Columbus

My Favorite French Bakery in a German Village

Most big cities have a neighborhood that stands out for its uniqueness and Columbus’ German Village is no exception. It does stand out for its quaint cottage like homes toward the Brewery District, ornate homes towards the park, brick streets from out of Europe, and one amazing park with a water fountain where people used to keep themselves cool in the hot summer months. The … Continue reading My Favorite French Bakery in a German Village