The Boots, My Roots and We’re in Cahoots!

I’ve gone back to boots! Because somebody brought me back to my roots! And yes, we are in cahoots! That somebody we all know who I am in cahoots with as TW. My life prior to TW reentering it was to wear the highest heels I could. Only because I am five foot tall and I love to be fashionable. That’s why. However, back in … Continue reading The Boots, My Roots and We’re in Cahoots!

A Little Spring Sunset

Toward the end of February is when I start noticing the longer days approaching due to the colorful sunsets that happens to linger longer than they do in January. Eventually those February sunsets turn into spring sunsets. Then eventually spring sunsets turn into summer sunsets. This photo was taken off a pier close by. From this photo it kind of reminds of being in Los … Continue reading A Little Spring Sunset

On the Corner of Ontario and Prospect

Sits this little burger joint which happens to be owned by three brothers from Boston. One of the brothers has “All the Right Stuff” and his band was plastered all over my walls during my preteen years. He is married to every young man’s dream (she really was when I was in high school back in the 1990’s.) Personally I think her cousin is way … Continue reading On the Corner of Ontario and Prospect

The Most Iconic Building in Cleveland

It’s ironic that I live closer to Cleveland than Columbus but I spend more time in Columbus than Cleveland. However, Cleveland was the very first city I was introduced to as a child. I was about three years old when my mom was driving on I-480 to my aunt’s new appartmet in Willowick. I can remember her saying to me, “Hey Alex, look out the … Continue reading The Most Iconic Building in Cleveland