Don’t Forget To…. (No Excuse!!!!)

….Water your blog Alex! Yep, its me Alex, your inner conscience that has been kind of stressing you out about one little thing for the last couple of weeks. Okay, okay— I get that funny look you are giving me but I’ll put it to you this way. Remember those beautiful purple roses TW gave you a couple of weeks ago? You know the ones … Continue reading Don’t Forget To…. (No Excuse!!!!)

Oh Stubbs, You Are For Real!

Towards the end of fall semester of 2018 I had a rather large marketing assignment in my sales class that involved writing a skit and preforming the skit (I asked TW to help me with this part) via video selling Stubb’s BBQ products to a fictitious restaurant in San Diego, California. The skit was well written however, TW and I will be keeping our day … Continue reading Oh Stubbs, You Are For Real!