A Little Spring Sunset

Toward the end of February is when I start noticing the longer days approaching due to the colorful sunsets that happens to linger longer than they do in January. Eventually those February sunsets turn into spring sunsets. Then eventually spring sunsets turn into summer sunsets. This photo was taken off a pier close by. From this photo it kind of reminds of being in Los … Continue reading A Little Spring Sunset

Have Ya Stopped By the Beach Lately?

I did! But just for a moment the other day. It was pretty cold and very gusty. The seagulls or I should say lake-gulls (since this is Lake Erie after all) were rather enjoying the wind. They were taking full advantage of every gust that allowed them to windsurf and glide over the lake with such ease. As for the beach itself…well what can I … Continue reading Have Ya Stopped By the Beach Lately?

The Next to Perfect Sunday.

This past Sunday was nearly next to perfect. In the words of Hermonie Granger, “How can it be nearly (in her scenario headless) perfect?” Okay let’s rephrase that. It was a perfect Sunday. I had the day off. I usually work on Sundays. I know I am such a heathen! No worries, Papa and I have a pretty good relationship. We’re all good. I had … Continue reading The Next to Perfect Sunday.