A Love Story I Could Finally Read

I started reading The Pioneer Woman’s book: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels at the end of my marriage and try as I might I couldn’t stomach it. It is a little hard to read someone else’s love story when yours is crumbling. I wasn’t jealous of Ree. I just wan’t there in that point in my life to read about someone being happy. On the … Continue reading A Love Story I Could Finally Read

The Boots, My Roots and We’re in Cahoots!

I’ve gone back to boots! Because somebody brought me back to my roots! And yes, we are in cahoots! That somebody we all know who I am in cahoots with as TW. My life prior to TW reentering it was to wear the highest heels I could. Only because I am five foot tall and I love to be fashionable. That’s why. However, back in … Continue reading The Boots, My Roots and We’re in Cahoots!

A Little Spring Sunset

Toward the end of February is when I start noticing the longer days approaching due to the colorful sunsets that happens to linger longer than they do in January. Eventually those February sunsets turn into spring sunsets. Then eventually spring sunsets turn into summer sunsets. This photo was taken off a pier close by. From this photo it kind of reminds of being in Los … Continue reading A Little Spring Sunset